Why does Dragon Age Inquisition keeps freezing?

Why does Dragon Age Inquisition keeps freezing?

Although there’s no exact factor that causes the crashes, here are the most likely reasons to watch out for: 3D Vision is interfering with the game’s startup process. Your antivirus software is blocking Dragon age inquisition. You are using the wrong graphics settings.

How do I import Dragon Age keep to Dragon Age Inquisition?

You need to be logged in! Log in to your Origin account on the PC or console….

  1. Stay logged in to the Keep in your browser, log in to your console, and launch Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  2. In Inquisition, start a new character.
  3. Choose your race, class, etc and when it asks if you would like to import a world state, choose Yes.

Why does my Dragon Age Origins keep crashing?

Dragon Age: Origins is an old game, so it’s likely to have glitches on new systems. According to some gamers, lowering the in-game video settings seems can stop the crash. You can try this and see if there’s any improvement. Launch Dragon Age: Origins and open Options.

How do I fix Dragon Age: Inquisition crashes?

Ways to fix Dragon Age Inquisition crash

  1. Try to uninstall NVIDIA 3D Vision.
  2. Perform a clean Windows boot on your computer.
  3. Use the default graphics settings.
  4. Try to run dragon age inquisition in compatibility mode.
  5. Update your graphics card.
  6. Disable the Built-in origins menu.
  7. Change launch settings.

How do you get into Suledin Keep?


  1. If you have trouble finding the way inside Suledin Keep, go to the Tower Inquisition Camp, then head west across a wide wooden bridge.
  2. There is an area with several barrels and platforms located inside the Keep; on one of the platforms a chest can be found.

How do I link Dragon Age keep?

You don’t directly link them, you have to log in to Origin and Dragon Age Keep with the same ID/email. When you start a new DAI game, the character creator will connect to dragon age keep and check for any world state exports that are available under the same ID/email you are currently logged into Origin with.

How do I stop Dragon Age from crashing?

Fix 2: Lower in-game video settings

  1. Launch Dragon Age: Origins and open Options.
  2. Navigate to the Video tab. Under the Detail section. set Graphics Detail, Anti-Aliasing and Texture Detail to the lowest value. You can also disable Frame-buffer effects.
  3. Continue your game to see if it crashes again.