Who opened for The Rolling Stones in 1981?

Who opened for The Rolling Stones in 1981?

Two of the three opening bands, George Thorogood, and The J Geils Band, were received well, but the third – a still somewhat unknown Prince – barely got through three songs before being booed off. The tour was the largest-grossing tour of 1981, and for several years to come.

Did Van Halen open for The Rolling Stones?

Van Halen were already kings of the hard-rock heap by the time they embarked on their Fair Warning tour in mid-1981, and they concluded the mostly sold-out trek with a two-night victory lap opening for the Rolling Stones. 24, 1981 at Orlando Stadium. …

When did Van Halen open for The Rolling Stones?

Van Halen opened for the Rolling Stones at the Superdome in New Orleans on July 13, 1978 during the “Some Girls” tour. The Henry Paul Band was the first act to open the show, then Van Halen and finally The Rolling Stones.

Who opened for The Rolling Stones in Philadelphia?

Mick Jones of Foreigner perform at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia , PA on June 17, 1978 opening for The Rolling Stones at to a crowd of 100,000 fans. PeterTosh also performed.

Where did the Rolling Stones play in 1981?

The 180,000 people who turned out to see the opening shows of the Rolling Stones’ 1981 concert tour at Philadelphia’s John F. Kennedy Stadium couldn’t have cared less that the band was out of shape and two or three times older than many of those in the audience.

Where did The Rolling Stones play in 1981?

What did Joe Perry think of Eddie Van Halen?

“Eddie was a leader for a whole new generation of guitar players and changed guitar playing. His style and everything. It was funny, because when I heard some of his stuff, I said: ‘Wow, I’ve heard that effect before and I’ve heard that before,’ but he’s the one that put it all together and it was new.

Where did The Rolling Stones play in 1978?

In a long history of Rolling Stones shows in the Bay Area, it’s hard to beat the hype and spectacle of July 26, 1978. The band scheduled the performance at Oakland Coliseum on Mick Jagger’s 34th birthday, announcing the show just two weeks earlier.

What years did The Rolling Stones play at the LA Coliseum?

los angeles coliseum has had 18 concerts

Date Concert Venue
Nov 18, 1987 U2 los angeles coliseum
Jun 21, 1987 Popmart U2 los angeles coliseum
Oct 10, 1981 Rolling Stones los angeles coliseum
Oct 09, 1981 The Rolling Stones / The J. Geils Band / George Thorogood and The Destroyers / Prince los angeles coliseum