Who created the T-Virus in Resident Evil movies?

Who created the T-Virus in Resident Evil movies?

James Marcus was an American virologist who pioneered 20th century viral weapons research. He was one of the founders of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, which developed the T-Virus. A brilliant and enthusiastic scientist, he held a dark reputation for unethical experiments and mysteriously disappeared in 1988.

What did the T-Virus do?

Description: Zombies are humans resurrected from the dead, mostly due to T-Virus infection. Symptoms of the T-Virus include mutation and progressive skin decay. They are known as “Zombies” due to their grotesque, corpse-like appearance.

Is the T-Virus possible?

He started our talk with the easy debunk you hopefully already knew: there are no viruses that animate or reanimate the dead. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Because after thorough examination, Waterfield concluded that it’s entirely possible that something like the t-Virus could exist in the real world.

Was the T-Virus destroyed?

In 2012, the potent anti-virus was released, beginning the resurrection of the Earth and destroying anything infected with the T-Virus.

Is Angela Ashford dead?

Angela Mary Ashford/Living or Deceased

Where is Raccoon City located?

Arklay County
Raccoon City is a fictional city in the survival horror franchise Resident Evil where it was the setting of many games. It was a small, industrialized city located in Arklay County, an isolated mountain county in the Midwestern United States. It was destroyed during the t-Virus outbreak in 1998.

Is Angela the Red Queen?

Charles Ashford in Apocalypse it was incorrectly assumed Red Queen was based on his daughter, Angela, despite Charles being a virologist. However she was then asked to stand in for the Red Queen simply as a reference for the visual effects but was so good they decided to use her in the actual film.

What happens to Angela Ashford?

Resident Evil: Extinction Angela makes no appearance in the third RE film and no explanation is given on-screen as to what happened to her. Isaacs orders the brainwashed Alice to kill Angela, and Alice supposedly kills the girl by blasting her head off with a shotgun.