Who are the girls in date a live?

Who are the girls in date a live?

  • Tohka Yatogami.
  • Yoshino Himekawa.
  • Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Kotori Itsuka.
  • Miku Izayoi.
  • Origami Tobiichi.
  • Nia Honjou.
  • Mukuro Hoshimiya.

Who is the main female character in date a live?

Origami Tobiichi (鳶とび一いち 折おり紙がみ, Tobiichi Origami?) is one of the main female characters of the Date A Live series.

Who is Shido girlfriend?

Spurred on by Yoshino and realizing that her demise was imminent, Tohka breaks down and openly confesses her love for Shido, leading him to tearfully reciprocate her feelings. They share one final kiss with each other just before she disappears along with Tenka’s artificial world.

Who is Shido’s girlfriend in date a live?

Yoshino Himekawa When Yoshino confessed to him after winning the Spirits’ battle royale, Shido was caught completely off-guard. However, he was not able give her a response due to Tohka’s subsequent emotional breakdown. One year later, Shido helped Yoshino regain her memories of her human life before becoming a Spirit.

Who is Shido’s sister?

Kotori is Shido’s foster sister and the commander of Ratatoskr. Her parents are also employees of Ratatoskr. Originally she was a human but gained the power of a Spirit five years ago, at the same time she was saved by Shido.

Who is the villain in Date A Live?

Kurumi Tokisaki (in Japanese: 時崎狂三, Tokisaki Kurumi) is a major antagonist in the Date A Live franchise and later becomes one of the main protagonists. She was introduced as the main antagonist in Date A Live volume 3-4 (the second half of season 1) and later becomes an anti-villain over the volumes of the novels.

Who did Shido date first?

Tohka is the first Spirit saved by Shido. She transfers into his class at the end of the first volume. Shido named her after the day of their first meeting, April 10th (though one kanji is different, the tenth day of a month is pronounced as Tohka).