Which episode of Drunk History is the funniest?

Which episode of Drunk History is the funniest?

The 25 Funniest Drunk History Segments, Ranked

  • The Capture of Adolf Eichmann.
  • Nichelle Nichols and Star Trek.
  • The Birth of Hip-Hop.
  • The Theft of the Mona Lisa.
  • The Section 504 Sit-in.
  • Fred Rogers.
  • The Moulin Rouge. Season Three, Episode 12, “Las Vegas”
  • The Death of Rasputin. Season Five, Episode Two, “Dangerous Minds”

What is the best episode of Drunk History?

Top 10 Drunk History Episodes, According to IMDb

  1. 1 Hamilton (S4 E10) – 9.3.
  2. 2 Are You Afraid Of The Drunk? (S6 E1) – 8.9.
  3. 3 Heroines (S5 E1) – 8.6.
  4. 4 Drunk Mystery (S5 E7) – 8.4.
  5. 5 Heists (S5 E9) – 8.3.
  6. 6 Civil Rights (S5 E5) – 8.3.
  7. 7 Animals (S5 E10) – 8.2.
  8. 8 Underdogs (S5 E6) – 8.2.

Who were the drunkest people on Drunk History?

All three have inspired some of the best Drunk History episodes on the books….Give them a wobbly thumbs up.

  • Rich Fulcher. Video: YouTube.
  • Jen Kirkman. Video: YouTube.
  • Crissle West.
  • Mark Gagliardi.
  • Jenny Slate.
  • Matt Gourley.
  • Amber Ruffin.
  • Tymberlee Hill.

Are they actually drunk on Drunk History?

Drunk History follows the same structure for each of its episodes: A renowned comedian, podcaster, or actor comes on the show, gets drunk, and explains a historical event. …

Who vomits on Drunk History?

Warning: There may be vomit. Tom Rosenthal gave Drunk History a go, and it may be one of the best ones we’ve seen yet, as there was a lot of the former. The comedian and actor recalled the story of Richard III – or “Dicky Three” – starring Hugh Dennis as the titular character.

Is Johnny Cool real?

According to Chris, his father, John Romano (Shaheen), a.k.a. “Johnny Cool”, was the most prolific arsonist in the history of Massachusetts in the ’60s and ’70s, and had struck a deal with authorities to turn State’s Evidence in return for protection.

What episodes was Paget Brewster in Drunk History?

In episode 3×11, “Inventors,” Brewster shared the story of Mary Phelps Jacob (later known as Caresse Crosby), the woman who invented the bra. Jacob got frustrated enough with corsets that she sewed a bra, patented it, and opened the Fashion For Brassiere company, before eventually selling the rights.

What episode of Drunk History did Georgia Hardstark do?

“Drunk History” Drunk Mystery (TV Episode 2018) – IMDb.

Who tells the story in Drunk History?

In each episode, an inebriated narrator, joined by host Waters, struggles to recount an event from history, while actors enact the narrator’s anecdotes and also lip sync the dialogue.

Who created Drunk History?

Derek Waters
Derek Waters is the creator of “Drunk History” on Comedy Central.