Where is Nippon Cargo from?

Where is Nippon Cargo from?

Nippon Cargo Airlines

Parent company Nippon Yusen
Headquarters Narita International Airport Narita, Chiba, Japan
Key people Tetsufumi Otsuki (President & CEO)
Website www.nca.aero

How many airports are there in Okinawa Japan?

13 airports
There are 13 airports in Okinawa Prefecture, and Naha Airport provides access to 6 major remote islands.

What is the main airport in Okinawa?

Naha Airport
Naha Airport

Naha Airport 那覇空港 Naha Kūkō
Airport type Public / Military (as Naha Air Base)
Operator Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Serves Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Hub for Japan Transocean Air Peach Ryukyu Air Commuter

What airline is prefix 205?

NCA – Nippon Cargo Airlines.

Is Nippon Cargo Express real?

The firm has cargo centers and logistics service operations across six continents; more than 1400 facilities in Japan plus a global network comprised of 383 subsidiaries and 62 associated companies delivering transport and logistics services.

Which airline is KZ?

Nippon Cargo Airlines Co.
NCA Nippon Cargo Airlines

Legal Name Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd.
Airline Code 933
IATA Designator KZ
Region Asia Pacific

Can you take a train from Tokyo to Okinawa?

Trains from Tokyo to Okinawa It takes about 34 hours to get to the selected city. The average ticket from Tokyo to Okinawa costs around 642 USD. Also, one of the advantages of traveling by train is the reasonable ticket price which can drop to 414 USD if you book in advance.

Does Okinawa have an international airport?

Okinawa Airport (IATA: OKA, ICAO: ROAH), also known as Naha Airport, is a medium sized airport in Japan. It is an international airport and serves the area of Ryukyu islands, Japan. Okinawa Airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 33 destinations in 5 countries.

How do I get to Okinawa?

Airplane and ferry are the only ways to get to Okinawa Island. The airports and ferry terminals are all in the capital city of Naha, on the southwest side of the island. Flights to Okinawa will arrive at Naha Airport and ferries dock at several ports throughout the city.

What airline prefix is 865?

Airline Codes
Airlines Codes Hong Kong Contact Number
AE 803 (852) 2769 7063
MP 129 (852) 2562 3747
M7 865

What airline has prefix 904?

IATA Three Digits AWB Airline Prefix and Two Letters Codes For All Major Airlines

Airline Name IATA AWB Prefix
Armenian International Airways MV 904
Air Armenia QN 907
Armenian Airlines R3 956
Jetstar JQ 041