Where can I find law cases in Singapore?

Where can I find law cases in Singapore?

The Singapore Academy of Law
The Singapore Academy of Law is Singapore’s official law-reporting agency, and is responsible for selection and publication of Singapore case law. Reports are made fortnightly on all legally-significant cases heard in the Singapore Court of Appeal and High Court, and by the Constitutional Tribunal.

Where can I read court cases?

The websites below are generally trustworthy sources of free dockets and court documents:

  • SCOTUSblog.
  • Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases.
  • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Collection.
  • National Archives Catalog.
  • Supreme Court of California Resources (SCOCAL)
  • California Appellate Briefs.

Where can I find unreported cases?

Finding unreported cases Unreported judgments can often be found in law databases or directly from the court’s website. You may be able to purchase a pamphlet copy of a decision from Court Registries. Some District Court (NSW) and Local Court judgments are available to the public.

What is LawNet Singapore?

LawNet is Singapore’s leading portal for legal research, information and transactions. It has been an indispensable tool for the legal community since 1990. LawNet is subscribed by a majority of Singapore lawyers and is also accessible by anyone outside the profession.

Why would a case not be reported?

An unpublished opinion is a decision of a court that is not available for citation as precedent because the court deems the case to have insufficient precedential value. In the system of common law, each judicial decision becomes part of the body of law used in future decisions.

What is Singapore law report?

Singapore Law Reports (“SLR”) is the official law reports series of Singapore since 1992. The SLR embodies Singapore’s jurisprudence and is a pillar in the development of the legal system in Singapore. We provide access to Singapore judgments mailed to your doorstep.

How to find a case law in Singapore?

Step 1. Identify the legal abbreviation in the case citation using an index, e.g. Singapore Legal Abbreviations. In this example, SSLR stands for the Straits Settlements Law Reports. Step 2. Search for the law report by “Title” in LINC (Books & Media tab). Step 3. Select the relevant title from the results listing. Step 4 .

Are there any written judgments in Singapore Supreme Court?

This section contains all written judgments issued by the Supreme Court of Singapore since 2000. It does not include oral decisions delivered by Judges in court. Written judgments are generally issued for more complex cases or where they involve questions of law which are of public interest. …

Which is the best law report in Singapore?

Since the Singapore Supreme Court Practice Direction No.4 of 2009 the preferred law report series for citing Singapore cases (decided between 1965 and 2009) in court has been the SLR (R). The Law Bod only has the old Singapore Law Reports (1965-2002) in print.

What kind of legal system does Singapore have?

Singapore’s common law system is characterised by the doctrine of judicial precedent ( stare decisis ). Court decisions from England and other Commonwealth countries are not binding in the Singapore legal system, although Singapore is heavily influenced by English common law in several key areas, such as Contract,…