What x10 is mega?

What x10 is mega?

Table 5. SI prefixes

Factor Name Symbol
109 giga G
106 mega M
103 kilo k
102 hecto h

Does Mega mean 1000?

Kilo- means 1,000; a Kilobyte is one thousand bytes. Mega- means 1,000,000; a Megabyte is a million bytes. Giga- means 1,000,000,000; a Gigabyte is a billion bytes.

What power is mega?

Power Prefixes

Power Prefixes
tera 1012
giga 109
mega 106

What power of 10 is Pico?

SI Prefixes and Symbols Used to Denote Powers of 10

Prefix Multiple Symbol
micro 10-6 mu
nano 10-9 n
pico 10-12 p
femto 10-15 f

What is above a petabyte?

If you want an even larger measurement of data storage, there’s the exabyte, which is 1,000 times larger than a petabyte. Then you get to the zettabyte, which is 1,000 times larger than an exabyte, which is 1 million petabytes.

What is the prefix of 10 3?

The 20 SI Prefixes

Multiple Amount Prefix
10-3 1 thousandth milli
10-6 1 millionth micro
10-9 1 thousandth of a millionth nano
10-12 1 millionth of a millionth pico

What does Mega mean in biology?

Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) is computer software for conducting statistical analysis of molecular evolution and for constructing phylogenetic trees.

What is a mega in computer terms?

A. M. (1) Million (10 to the 6th power). Abbreviated “M,” it is a prefix for capacities and speeds (megabits, megabytes, megahertz, etc.). Mega may refer to 1,000,000 or 1,048,576, the latter based on the binary system (see NIST binary).

How many is mega?

one million
Mega is a unit prefix in metric systems of units denoting a factor of one million (106 or 1000000). It has the unit symbol M. It was confirmed for use in the International System of Units (SI) in 1960.