What section is the student section at MSU?

What section is the student section at MSU?

MSU Student Seating The student sections at Spartan Stadium consist of Sections 10-14 and Sections 111-112. Do not purchase student tickets if you do not have a valid MSU student I.D. as it is needed at security checkpoints.

How do you get student section tickets at MSU?

Michigan State Athletics Student Sections

  1. Starting on Monday the week of the game you can purchase up to (2) single game tickets at a discounted rate at msuspartans.com/STX, if available.
  2. Purchase tickets in the student general admission area on StubHub from other students who are not able to attend the game.

Do MSU students get into games for free?

Admission to the majority of athletic events is free to MSU students. Tickets for men’s football, men’s basketball and ice hockey can be purchased through the official athletics website following orientation to MSU.

What is an Izzone membership?

The Izzone encompasses the voices of nearly 4,000 MSU students who sit in both the upper and lower levels of the Breslin Center. To become a member of the Izzone, MSU students pay a membership fee as well as game admission fees.

How does the Izzone membership work?

Membership will include an Izzone: At Home Edition shirt, access to exclusive virtual team engagements, and the opportunity to purchase tickets IF they go on sale later in the season. Also, you will receive two Izzone points and retain your lifetime Izzone points for next season.

How does the izzone membership work?

How much are Michigan State football tickets for students?

Recent MSU graduates (who have graduated within the last two years) can purchase up to two tickets for only $210 per seat ($35 per game), while season admissions for current MSU students are also available now for $161.

Is Michigan a d1 school?

There are currently 358 American colleges and universities classified as Division I for NCAA competition. 49 of the 50 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia, are represented….Full member institutions.

School Central Michigan University
Common name Central Michigan
Team Chippewas
City Mount Pleasant
State Michigan

How does the izzone work?

The Izzone is run by a student leadership group working directly with members of Michigan State Athletic’s Marketing Department. The directors set up the student sections before every game by placing a newspaper, a bag, and a cotton towel.

What is student ID MSU?

Your student ID number begins with the letter “A” followed by 8 digits. Your PAN is a 4-digit number. These numbers were provided to you when you were first admitted to MSU. If you are a student and do not know your PAN, you can find it in your applicant portal.