What Mercedes-Benz are being recalled?

What Mercedes-Benz are being recalled?

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (MBUSA) is recalling certain 2016 – 2021 CLA-Class, GLA-Class, GLE-Class, GLS-Class, SLC-Class, A-Class, GT-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS-Class, SL-Class, B-Class, GLB-Class, GLC-Class, and G-Class vehicles.

What was the last year Mercedes made the SLK?

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLK is the final model year of a generation that launched in 2012.

Are Mercedes SLK collectible?

They are merely old used cars. There are no collectors on the horizon (yet), and whether there ever will be is not your concern. Reliability and parts availability is still great, as most parts (except body and interior) are not SLK-specific.

What is the latest Mercedes recall?

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (MBUSA) is recalling certain 2021 E350, E450, E450 Wagon, and AMG E63 vehicles. The parking control unit may fail to display the rearview camera image and cause the parking sensors to misidentify or fail to detect objects.

Which Mercedes cars are affected by emissions scandal?

The recall will mainly affect the following models: Vito 1.6-liter diesel (OM 622), C-Class 1.6-liter diesel (OM 626), ML/GLE/GL/GLS 3.0-liter diesel (OM 642), V-Class 2.2-liter diesel (OM 651) and GLC 2.2-liter diesel (OM 651). Some other individual models are also affected by the recall.

How much is a Mercedes SLK 280?

Mercedes SLK-Class Models Price and Specs

Year Body Type Price from
2020 Convertible
2019 Convertible $56,600
2018 Convertible $49,100
2017 Convertible $42,200

Is SLK discontinued?

The Mercedes-Benz SLC replaces the SLK for 2017. The name change signifies the car’s close relation to the C-Class sedan and GLC SUV, both of which were newly designed for 2017 and 2016 respectively. The biggest difference between the SLK and the SLC is the removal of the SLK 350 and SLK 55 AMG® variants.