What is Zalora affiliate program?

What is Zalora affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are chosen based on commission, products offered and platform ‘ease of use’. The commissions offered by ZALORA may be seen as ‘lower than Lazada’ however when comparing products within the same category (fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories), ZALORA actually offers higher commission rates.

How can I become a Zalora ambassador?

How to join?

  1. Make sure you are opening this page from your desktop or laptop.
  2. Watch the video guidelines above before you sign up.
  3. Then click on ‘APPLY NOW’ to submit your application.
  4. ZALORA will review your application.

How do you promote Zalora?

Be a part of the ZALORA Community Influencer Program You can now recommend ZALORA to your friends, family or followers on social media and start earning commission for every successful purchase. So get ready to share your shopping haul on your social media using your unique URL. If you love it, share it!

What is the meaning of affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an automated electronic program that involves a Web advertiser and recruited webmasters. When an online visitor click the affiliate link, the visitor is redirected to the advertiser’s website and if the customer/visitor makes a purchase, the affiliate is then paid a commission.

How do I become an affiliate with Zalora?

That’s why you will need to apply to run their affiliate program.

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Partner.
  2. After typing “Zalora” on the first search bar, they will give you a few options.
  3. After selecting which country you prefer to promote Zalora, you can now hit Apply to request them for approval.

What courier does Zalora use?

Zalora partners with local deliveries couriers like LBC Express, 2GO, Entrego, DHL, 7-Eleven all of which you can track with ParcelsApp.com or through our mobile apps. Zalora is working with our courier partner ENTREGO to offer you fast, nationwide delivery and wide Cash-on-Delivery coverage.

How can I become a Zalora influencer?

The ZALORA Community Influencer Program is open to all ZALORA customers across markets. Users simply need to register with a valid ZALORA account and begin sharing referral links via their personal social media platforms to begin earning as they endorse.

What is Zalora platform?

ZALORA is an online fast-fashion e-commerce start-up in South-East Asia which aims to bring relevant fashion-fashion to all South-East customers.

How does the affiliate program work?

Affiliate marketing works when someone (an affiliate) refers a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the unique link associated with their recommendation.

Does Shopee have affiliate program?

Earn commission by becoming Shopee Affiliate today!

What is lazada influencer program?

Supporting the growth of digital influencers and their evolving potential is Lazada, the leading eCommerce platform in the Philippines that recently launched the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program under its affiliate program, to empower regular consumers and aspiring online creators to further monetize their social …