What is the weather like in Italy in July?

What is the weather like in Italy in July?

Weather in Italy in July The bottom line is that it’s hot in Italy in July. Summers in Italy often get hotter in August, but July is plenty hot. Central Italy: 65-90°F (18-32°C) Southern Italy: 75-90°F (24-32°C)

What is July like in Italy?

North Italy Weather in July: Along with August, July is the hottest month of the year in Italy. Temperatures reach their maximum while rainfall and clouds are few and far between. The daily average temperature is 25°C, with the average high at 31°C.

When was the hottest day in Italy?

List of extreme temperatures in Italy

Region Record high Temperature Date
Piedmont 42.9 °C (109.2 °F) August 11, 2003
Sardinia 47.2 °C (117.0 °F) August 12, 1957
Sicily 48.8 °C (119.8 °F) August 11, 2021
Trentino-South Tyrol 40.1 °C (104.2 °F) August 11, 2003

What is the weather like in Italy in June and July?

Weather in Italy in June Keep in mind that in much of Italy it’s not just hot, it’s humid. Northern Italy: 55-80°F (13-27°C) Central Italy: 60-80°F (16-27°C) Southern Italy: 70-85°F (21-30°C)

Is July a good month to visit Italy?

The best months for traveling in much of Italy are from April to June and mid-September to October: Temperatures are usually comfortable, rural colors are rich, and the crowds aren’t too intense (except around Easter). From July through early September the country’s holiday spots teem with visitors.

Is it better to go to Italy in July or August?

July is better. August is hotter though both months can be very hot. At this late date finding places with AC still available will be hard but probably harder for July since it is closer. Other problem with August is you add to the international mix much more Italians on vacation in August.

What is the hottest city in Italy?

The Italian island of Sicily may have registered the hottest temperature ever recorded in Europe – 48.8C (119.8F). Regional authorities reported the reading, which needs to be verified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), near Syracuse on Wednesday.

What’s the coldest it’s ever been in Italy?

-49.6 °C
What is the coldest it has ever been in Italy? The coldest temperature ever recorded in Italy was -49.6 °C at Busa Fradusta. This is also the coldest temperature ever recorded in southern Europe.