What is the root of destroy?

What is the root of destroy?

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What is the root word for demolish?

demolish Add to list Share. Demolish combines the prefix de-, which can mean “undo,” with the Latin verb moliri, meaning “to build” — which makes sense if you are thinking of ‘undoing a building’ with explosives!

What is the meaning of the Latin root in the word destructive?

Latin destruere
The word destructive comes from the Latin destruere which means literally to unbuild. In addition to describing a storm or battle, the word can be used for the things people say as well as do.

What’s the Greek word for destruction?

Olethros translates roughly in ancient Greek to “destruction”, but often with a positive connotation, as in the destruction required for and preceding renewal.

What is chaos in Latin?

Chao. More Latin words for chaos. chaos noun. shapeless mass, infinite empty space, lower world, nether world. chaus noun.

Does demolish mean to destroy?

to destroy or ruin (a building or other structure), especially on purpose; tear down; raze. to put an end to; destroy; explode: The results of his research demolished many theories. to lay waste to; ruin utterly: The fire demolished the area. Informal. to devour completely: We simply demolished that turkey.

Who is the Greek god of destruction?

PERSES was the Titan god of destruction. He was the father of Hekate, goddess of witchcraft, by the Titanis Asteria (“Starry One”). Perses’ name means “the Destroyer” or “the Ravager” from the Greek words persô and perthô.

What does Perdition mean in Hebrew?

It refers to utter loss, eternal destruction, and disassociation.” [Strong’s 622] The Hebrew name is “Abaddon” (Greek: Aβαδδων), from the Aramaic root word “‘abad”, which means the same thing as the Greek root word.