What is the newest MapleStory class?

What is the newest MapleStory class?

The latest preview video has been released and we get our first glimpse at the newest MapleStory class: Lara. Lara is an Anima Mage that utilizes the spirits to deal damage to mobs around her.

Is Hero a good class MapleStory?

MapleStory Hero is a hard-hitting Warrior Explorer that was one of the first classes added to MapleStory. This makes it a great class for beginners of MapleStory, especially as Warrior’s don’t have to worry much about their HP. …

Who are the 6 heroes of MapleStory?

Six Hero classes are currently available: Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous and Shade. The Hero classes are characters with background stories related to the antagonist of the game, the Black Mage.

Is demon slayer good MapleStory?

Demon Slayer really excels in Bossing. They have three Iframes that can dodge one-hit KO attacks and really good mobility skills that they can use to fly out of the way of attacks such as Lucid’s Dragon blast and Lotus’s electricity.

How many MapleStory classes are there 2021?

MapleStory started out with only 4 different classes to choose from, which could be job advanced into different branches as you leveled up. Today, there are over 40 different jobs and classes you can play, with more being released all the time.

What class is demon slayer?

Demon Slayer is a Warrior class that uses STR as its main stat and DEX as its secondary. It also uses one-handed maces/blunt weapons as it’s main attacking weapon. They also use a special type of shield called Demon Aegis.

How many classes do you have in Maplestory?

MapleStory blows other MMOs away with its 32 character classes. From archers and warriors to beast tamers and time travelers, there’s a class for every playstyle!

What kind of character is the warrior in Maplestory?

The Warrior is a solid, well-rounded character perfect for players new to MapleStory. This character excels at defense, with large amounts of health and access to powerful suits of armor. These streng…

Which is the best mobbing class in Maplestory?

Ice Lightning Mage. Another excellent mobbing class in Maplestory is the Ice Lightning mage, a magician of the explorer branch. Ice Lightning mage is the most popular class in KMS and one of the most popular in GMS.

When do you get dual blade in Maplestory?

Once you reach 5th job, Dual Blade gets a skill, Blade Storm, you can use while moving around, which is useful during boss fights to keep up your DPS while dodging attacks. Honorable mentions for this category include Night Lord and Dawn Warrior.