What is the cheapest turboprop airplane?

What is the cheapest turboprop airplane?

Keep that in mind when looking at the numbers below.

  • King Air B200. Beechcraft’s King Air B200 is their cheapest King Air in terms of operational costs.
  • Quest Kodiak.
  • Pilatus PC-12NG.
  • Cessna 208B Grand Caravan.
  • Socata TBM 900.

What is the most efficient turboprop engine?

PT6A-140A Turboprop
P&WC Launches the PT6A-140A Turboprop: The Most Powerful and Fuel Efficient Engine for the General Aviation Market. It has launched the new PT6A-140A turboprop engine and the PT6A-140AG variant – bringing the world’s most popular turboprop family to more than 70 engine models strong.

What is the best single engine turboprop?

Top 11 Fastest Single Engine Turboprop Planes

  • Pilatus PC-12 NGX – 290 knots / 335 mph.
  • Beechcraft T-6 Texan II – 316 knots / 364 mph.
  • Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano – 320 knots / 370 mph.
  • Epic LT – 325 knots / 374 mph.
  • SOCATA TBM 900 – 330 knots / 380 mph.
  • Epic E1000 GX – 333 knots / 383 mph.
  • Pilatus PC-21 – 370 knots / 426 mph.

How much does a turboprop engine cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Turboprop? Acquisition costs for new models in this category run from $4m to $8m list price for Twins-Engine Turboprops. New Single-Engine Turboprops have a list price between $2m to $5m. Pre-owned prices for turboprops aged between five and 10-years old can run from $1m to about $3.5m.

What is the safest turboprop aircraft?

PC-12 – The Safest and World’s Best-Selling Single Turboprop is Leader of Its Class. With demand for the PC-12 NG as high as ever, Pilatus sold 80 PC-12 NGs last year. As a result, the PC-12 again claims the title of world’s best-selling single-engine turboprop in its category.

Do you need a special license to fly a turboprop?

In addition to the private pilot’s license you already have, it’s important to know what other certifications and endorsements are essential for turboprop planes. Most importantly, you should look into getting a high altitude endorsement, complex endorsement, and high performance endorsement.

What are the requirements to fly a turboprop?

Possess a current, unrestricted jet type rating. Have at least 2,000 hours total time, with a minimum of 500 hours in multiengine turboprop or jet airplanes. Have a U.S. military pilot certificate with multiengine jet privileges.

Can a private pilot fly a TBM?

Flying the TBM very fast single-engine turboprop is accessible to the single-piston pilot. Depending on the country, it just requires the appropriate endorsements, such as high performance and high-altitude, or ratings added to a private pilot’s license.