What is the best ventless gas logs to buy?

What is the best ventless gas logs to buy?

Best Ventless Gas Log Sets

  • Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set.
  • Rasmussen Evening Embers Log Set.
  • White Mountain Hearth Sassafras Log Set.
  • White Mountain Hearth Flint Hill Log Set.
  • White Mountain Hearth Rock Creek Log Set.
  • White Mountain Hearth Birch Log Set.

How much do vent free gas logs cost?

Cost of Gas Logs Vented gas logs, which need a chimney, cost between $300 and $500, not including installation. Ventless gas logs, which are used without a chimney, cost between $350 and $600 without installation.

Do vent free gas logs need to be vented?

If you do use a vent-free logs, you won’t have to open the damper since these logs don’t require venting. Even though the chimney can remain closed, you will still lose some of the efficiency and heat from using this type of set in a vented fireplace.

What is the difference between vented and vent free gas logs?

Vented and Ventless Gas Logs are a little different. Vented gas logs burn like a real wood fire with a yellow flame that produces smoke. Ventless (vent-free) gas logs burn cleanly with a lower flame that does not smoke. You can burn them with the damper closed to heat your room.

Do all vent free gas logs smell?

Ventless logs do in fact produce an unmistakable odor, some more so than others depending on the quality of the brand. There is no way of preventing this, it is simply the nature of burning gas in your home without exhausting the fumes up a chimney.

Do ventless gas logs need a chimney?

Unlike their vented counterparts, ventless gas logs don’t need a chimney or flue to function (though they can be installed in a functional fireplace with the damper open or closed). Because of this, most of the heat stays in your home and serves as a great way to heat a space.

How long can you leave a vented gas fireplace on?

Vent-free gas fireplace – these gas fireplaces work similarly to ovens and don’t exhaust their fumes outside of your home. That’s why they should never be left running for more than two or three hours at a time and the rooms they are in should always be well-vented themselves.