What is STANAG 4607?

What is STANAG 4607?

STANAG 4607, the NATO Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) Format, provides a format for sending GMTI data to systems which are capable of extracting usable information from the data. Exploitation is the common name for the process by which usable information is developed from the GMTI data.

What STANAG stands for?

Standardization Agreement
In NATO, a Standardization Agreement (STANAG, redundantly: STANAG agreement) defines processes, procedures, terms, and conditions for common military or technical procedures or equipment between the member countries of the alliance.

What is a NATO Stanrec?

NATO INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE, AND RECONNAISSANCE INTEROPERABILITY ARCHITECTURE. AIM The aim of this NATO standardization recommendation (STANREC) is to list recommended practices regarding: A top-level architecture which will provide context and structure for the STANAGs under…

What is Gmti data?

GMTI (Ground Moving Target Indicator) radar provides continuous wide area surveillance coverage of ground moving vehicles. Thousands of vehicles can be detected and tracked with each sweep of the radar.

What is the difference between Stanag and Pmag?

basically a pmag is a standardized extended magazine that fits a wide variety of current generation rifles and utilizes the typical double stack system to increase the capacity without sacrificing too much of its profile, a stanag magazine is simply the same thing but double or even triple the capacity, it achieves …

How long is a Stanag magazine?

30 rounds
The standard capacities of STANAG-compatible magazines are 20 or 30 rounds of 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition. There are also 5-, 10-, 40- and 50-round box magazines, as well as 60- and 100-round casket magazines, 90-round snail-drum magazines, and 100-round drum magazines.

Which is better Pmag or STANAG?

Some guns in the game use PMAGs, some use STANAGs. In real life PMAGs are plastic magazines manufactured by MagPul (other manufacturers make plastic mags, but PMAGs are MagPul specific). They’re generally more reliable than the steel STANAG magazine and more widely used by Special Forces units.

Can the Aug use STANAG magazines?

The rifle is available in either the standard version that accepts genuine Steyr AUG magazines or as a NATO version that accepts standard STANAG (AR) magazines. Magazine type/capacity: Polymer double-stack detachable box/30 rounds (10- and 42-round avail.)