What is SOA file adapter?

What is SOA file adapter?

As part of Oracle SOA Suite, oracle provides Adapters which are developed based on JCA architecture which will help us in integrating with the systems which are not exposed as Services.

How do I use SOA database adapter?

Section 2 – Database Adapter within a SOA composite Open the composite. xml and drag and drop a Database Adapter component in the External References lane. Name your adapter and select the JDeveloper database connection that you are going to use. Also, enter the JNDI Name “eis/DB/HR”.

How do I create a DB adapter for SOA?

Datasource and JNDI configuration for DB adapter

  1. Login into the weblogic console http://localhost:7101/console.
  2. Click on lock and edit.
  3. Expand Services and click on Data sources.
  4. Click New -> Generic Data Dource.
  5. Enter below information and click Next.

What are database adapters?

A database adapter is an implementation of a database connector. Unlike the way to access data with a fixed schema, stored procedures, or queues, one can access table data directly and transparently with a database adapter.

How do I use a SOA 12c file adapter?

File Adapter in SOA

  1. Let the default selection be ‘Define from operation and schema (specified later)
  2. Let the default File Server JNDI name as ‘eis/FileAdapter’
  3. Selection Operation as ‘Read’ leave other fields as default.
  4. Give the directory path of the files from where SOA system will read the data from.

What is adapter in SOA 12c?

One of the new adapters shipped with SOA Suite 12c is the Coherence Adapter. This JCA adapter makes it easy for a Service Bus business service or a SOA composite application to interact with a Coherence memory grid. The Coherence Adapter is a JCA 1.5-compliant resource adapter for Oracle Coherence.

What is logical delete in DB adapter?

Logical Delete Polling Strategy: In this polling strategy, a column in the table is marked with particular value to designate the logical delete thus avoids DB adapter to pick it up the same record again and again.

How do I create a data source in Sons of Anarchy?

SOA: Create DB Connection with JDBC and JNDI

  1. Create JDBC Data Source:
  2. Create Outbound Connection Pool for DB Adapter:
  3. Configure JDBC data source with Outbound Connection pool:
  4. Update Deployment Plan:
  5. Restart the SOA server to use the newly created outbound connection pool JNDI Name “eis/DB/XEDB”.

How do I use mendix database connector?

Download the Database Connector from the Mendix Marketplace into your app. Have a database URL address that points to your database. Have the username and password for signing into the database (relative to the database URL address)

How does a DB connector work?

A connection is required to send commands and receive answers, usually in the form of a result set. If a request for data (a SQL Select statement) is sent to the database and a result set is returned, the connection is open but not available for other operations until the client finishes consuming the result set.

What is Adapter in SOA 12c?