What is RG 8U?

What is RG 8U?

Description: DX Engineering RG-8/U Bulk Coaxial Cable is a new age low-loss 50-ohm feedline with gas injected foam polyethylene dielectric and black vinyl jacket. High reliability, flexibility and low loss are key points when considering this cable.

Which is better rg8u or RG8X?

Changing the able to RG-8X drops the loss to 4.5 dB, which is only a minor improvement. (4.5 dB loss corresponds to 36% of the power makes it through.) However, using RG-8U type cable decreases the loss to 2.4 dB (58% of the power makes it through the cable), so clearly the larger cable size has an advantage.

How many watts can rg8u handle?

The maximum power handling is 875 watts.

What is better than LMR400?

LMR400 would be OK for about any frequency from 2M and down. RG8 or RG213 type cables are OK for 100ft runs at HF, but get lossy at VHF and above. At UHF, 100 ft of any type of small cable is going to have a lot of loss. 7/8 inch Heliax (or larger) would be a better choice, but that is very pricey.

What is RG8 U coax?

The Belden 8237 RG8/U coaxial cable has a stranded center conductor for greater flexibility. This 3/8 in 52 Ohm coaxial cable uses a 97 percent braided shield for coverage and polyethylene vertical wire flame-rated insulation. The Belden RG8-type cable uses RG8 connectors.

What coax should I use for HF?

The RG8X coax cable and UHF connectors both work perfectly well for HF. The coax cable is very high quality with 95% copper braid shield, and the signal retention is easily comparable to something like the LMR400, which is a much more expensive option.

Is LMR-400 the same as RG-8?

RG-8, RG 213, RG 214 coaxial cables are the same physical size as LMR-400 – yet their attenuation is up to 40% higher and they have significantly inferior RF shielding performance.

Can rg8x handle 600 watts?

coax handles 600 watts RMS with no issues. great value if you can install quality connectors. if not i would only run about 100 watts or so. coax handles 600 watts RMS with no issues.

What is rg8u coax?