What is be in pharmaceutical terms?

What is be in pharmaceutical terms?

biologic active pharmaceutical ingredient: A material originating from a biological manufacturing process intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the cure, treatment, or prevention of disease or conditions of human beings.

What is another word for pharmaceutical?

What is another word for pharmaceutical?

remedy medicine
drug medicament
specific physic
medicinal treatment
prescription tonic

Is pharmaceutical a medical term?

A pharmaceutical is any kind of drug used for medicinal purposes, like cough syrup or sleeping pills. In general, a pharmaceutical is anything related to pharmacies or pharmacists, though it especially refers to the kinds of medicines that they sell.

What is the medical term for pharmacist?

A pharmacist, also known as a chemist (Commonwealth English) or a druggist (North American and, archaically, Commonwealth English), is a health professional who specializes in the right way to compound, use, control, store, and provide medications.

What is Au in pharmacy?

AU, from the Latin “auris utro” or “each ear,” denotes medication meant to be taken in both ears. OD, from the Latin “oculus dexter,” or “right eye,” and OS, from the Latin “oculus sinister,” or “left eye,” mean that medication is for your right eye or left eye, respectively.

What does MDI stand for?


Acronym Definition
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDI Mount Desert Island (Maine, USA)
MDI Metered-Dose Inhaler (International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium)
MDI Management Development Institute (India)

What is another word for chemicals?


  • synthetic.
  • actinic.
  • alchemical.
  • enzymatic.
  • synthesized.
  • synthetical.

What is the meaning of NPT in pharmacy?

What is the meaning of NPT? New pharmacy technician.

What is ISS pharmacy?

Innovative Supply Solutions (ISS) provides a software platform that allows greater visibility into pharmaceutical clinical trial supply chains.