What is Aiye?

What is Aiye?

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What is black AXE slogan?

According to Offiong, the Black Axe, which is also known as the Neo Black Movement, originated at the University of Benin in the late 1970s and can be found at the University of Calabar and other campuses (ibid., 69). Its insignia is an upright axe with a wide blade fixed to a short handle, and its motto is “‘Ayei!

What is the meaning of Aiye in Yoruba?

“Ile Aye, by its Yoruba literary translation, means the house of the world. Yoruba people of Nigeria, Benin, Sierra-Leone and other countries along the coast of West Africa believe that Aye (world) is one kind of a giant market hall where each human visits to hawk or practise what he believes.

What is the full meaning of aye?

Aye means yes; used in some dialects of British English. ‘Do you remember your first day at school?’ —’Oh aye. Yeah.

What is the Colour of black AXE?

Its logo was an axe smashing the shackles of a slave, and its colors were black (for blackness), white (for peace), and yellow (for intellect).

Why is Lagos called Eko?

The name Eko was given to it by its first king, Oba Ado, during its early history; it also saw periods of rule by the Kingdom of Benin. Eko was the land area now known as Lagos Island where the king’s palace was built. The palace is called Iga Idunganran, meaning palace built on the pepper farm.

What is the meaning of Aye Mi Temi Bami?

you brought insult to your people
It loosely mean “you brought insult to your people”

What does Nyben mean?

Rating. NYBEN. Not Yet Been Every Night.