What is a provisional booking?

What is a provisional booking?

A ‘provisional booking’ is really colloquial more than anything else. Either you book or you don’t. What you can do though is book something depending upon a condition. That is called a conditional booking and that would potentially have legal significant. Contracts can be dependant upon a condition.

What is the provisional meaning?

1, 2). providing or serving for the time being only; existing only until permanently or properly replaced; temporary: a provisional government. accepted or adopted tentatively; conditional; probationary.

What is provisional date?

You use provisional to describe something that has been arranged or appointed for the present, but may be changed soon. A provisional date for the meeting has been set for June the 15th.

What is the meaning of provisional classes?

under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon. Synonyms : probationary, provisionary, tentative Examples.

What is the meaning of provisionally confirmed?

Answer: Provisional admission means the college has accepted you, provided you meet some additional requirements. This usually means you’re allowed to enroll, but you have to maintain a certain GPA in your first year of study. …

What is a direct booking?

Direct bookings are customers who reserve your tours and activities directly through you. A person who books a tour online after seeing your advertisement in a travel brochure is considered a direct booking for your business.

Does provisional mean temporary?

Something provisional is temporary, in the sense that it’s only valid for a while. You’ll often hear provisional used to describe things such as governments, elections, contracts, and agreements, all of which can change into something permanent.

What does provisional decision mean?

1 subject to later alteration; temporary or conditional. a provisional decision.

What does provisional payment mean?

Provisional Payment means the amount in Guarantee Currency that MIGA may elect to pay the Guarantee Holder in accordance with Section 6.7 pending the issuance of an Award.

What is provisional selection list?

Provisional merit list is the merit listwhich is produced just on the basis of the entrance examination you appeared rather than having the combined result of your boards marks and your entrance examination scores. Like Comment Share.

Do hotels prefer direct booking?

Room preferences: If you need a room with two beds, your chances of getting that room type are better when booking directly with the hotel as the OTAs do not guarantee room type for guests. That’s because hotels give priority to reservations made directly with them since they didn’t have to pay a commission fee.