What is a good powder for 357 Magnum?

What is a good powder for 357 Magnum?

In 357 cases 6.5/158 is a good everyday midrange load and 9.7/125 and 8.0/158 are full power magnum loads at close to factory velocities for each weight. Anything slower like 2400 or 4227 won’t perform well with lighter loads and W296/H110 are only suitable for full pressure magnum loads.

Are 9mm and 357 interchangeable?

357, . 380 auto and 9mm ammunition are all the same caliber. (Caliber is the size of the projectile, or bullet.) The different names are for marketing reasons or because of where the cartridge was developed.

What is the difference between 9mm and 357 Magnum?

Because it has an extended case, which means more propellant behind the bullet, the . 357 Magnum in general has higher muzzle velocity. The 9mm Luger has a muzzle velocity of 1,120 feet-per-second (fps), while the . 357 Magnum touts a muzzle velocity of 1,240 fps, despite the fact that its bullet is 34 grains heavier.

What is a magnum powder?

MAGNUM is the ultimate high performance magnum rifle powder. It is a double-base spherical propellant that is the number one choice for high performance “overbore” magnum cartridges. Made in Belgium.

What rounds can be fired from a 357 Magnum?

357 Magnum, a . 38 Special round can be safely fired in a . 357 Magnum revolver or lever gun. So to sum up in one sentence: You can shoot .

Can you conceal carry a 357 magnum?

The 357 is actually the gold standard for concealed carry. This caliber is perfectly suited for the compact and mid-sized guns suitable for keeping on your person. It’s powerful, but not to the point of derailing the gun.

Is a 357 magnum good for home defense?

The . 357 Magnum is as popular as ever with civilian shooters for self-defense, silhouette competition, and hunting. Here, in no particular order, are ten reasons it’s still the best overall handgun round out there.

Whats bigger 9 mm or 38 Special?

Heck, both bullets are about the same size; . 38 Special uses a bullet . 357 inches in diameter, the 9mm round is . 355.