What is a 5M6 resistor?

What is a 5M6 resistor?

“R” = Ohms. Every 1,000,000 Ohms is known as a Megohm (Mega = one million), abbreviated to the capital letter “M”. As a couple of examples; a 4,700 Ohm resistor would be written as either 4.7K or 4K7, and 5,600,000 Ohms would be written as 5.6M or 5M6.

What is ohm resistor for?

Devices called resistors are built to provide precise amounts of resistance in electric circuits. Resistors are rated both in terms of their resistance (ohms) and their ability to dissipate heat energy (watts).

What is a 4K7 resistor?

4k7 means that the resistance of those resistors is equal 4.7k ohm (writing the letter K in the middle makes the notation more clear, especially when copied and printed again, so that you don’t have to guess whether it was 4.7k or 47k).

What does a 10K resistor do?

Commonly used in breadboards and perf boards, these 10K resistors make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs, and current limiters. To determine the value of a given resistor look for the gold or silver tolerance band and rotate the resistor as in the photo on the left.

What do the black dots represent in the resistor?

The black dots in the wire represent impurities in the metal lattice. Materials with a high density of impurities have a higher probability of collision between the electrons and the cations in the lattice, which results in a larger resistivity.

What does a transistor do?

transistor, semiconductor device for amplifying, controlling, and generating electrical signals. Transistors are the active components of integrated circuits, or “microchips,” which often contain billions of these minuscule devices etched into their shiny surfaces.

Is Ohms the same as resistance?

Resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit. Resistance is measured in ohms, symbolized by the Greek letter omega (Ω). Ohms are named after Georg Simon Ohm (1784-1854), a German physicist who studied the relationship between voltage, current and resistance.

What does a 470 ohm resistor look like?

So for 470-ohm resistor, 1st digit is ‘ 4 ‘, ∴ look for color in a chart with value 4, then it’s your 1st color(say yellow). The next 2nd digit is ‘ 7 ‘, ∴ look for color in a chart with value 7, then it’s your 2nd color (say violet).

What is 100K resistor?

Brown, Black, Yellow, Gold. Band. Color. Value.

What color is a 10 kilo ohm resistor?

Band Value (see table)
2nd black 10
3rd orange 1000
4th gold ±5%