What is a 16-35mm lens good for?

What is a 16-35mm lens good for?

The 16-35 lens is good for portraits where you want to include the environment you subject is in. It’s an excellent choice for full length poses as well as perfect for photographing large groups of people. Use the 16-35mm lens for photographing large groups of people.

What is 16 mm lens used for?

Uses a 16mm ultra-wide angle focal length. This exaggeration of relative size can be used to add emphasis and detail to foreground objects, while still capturing expansive backgrounds. If you plan on using this effect to full impact, you’ll want to get as close as possible to the nearest subject in the scene.

Why are 35mm lenses so expensive?

The reason the 35mm lens is more expensive is because of the flange to sensor distance on an SLR. The SLR needs a mirror box to fit between the lens mount and the film or sensor. Mirrorless bodies have a big advantage when it comes to wide angle lenses, the lens design can be simpler and smaller.

Does Nikon 35mm have VR?

The Nikon 16-35mm VR lens is a pro-grade constant aperture lens for enthusiasts and professional photographers that need an ultra wide-angle zoom lens with the latest generation of vibration reduction (VR) technology for both FX and DX cameras (the equivalent of 24-52mm on DX).

Is 35mm wide enough for landscape?

A focal length equivalent to 28mm on a 35mm camera is often considered ideal for landscape photography because it covers a relatively wide angle of view without introducing obvious distortions.

Do prime lens have VR?

I noticed those prime lenses with big aperture that are intended for low lighting shooting dont have VR. For example, this lens, AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G, is about 2 f stops more than this kit lens, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR AF-S DX Nikkor Lens (at f 3.5). Now VR gives about 2 stops, so f/1.8 no VR = f/3.5 VR?

Is 16mm good for landscape?

24mm (16mm) encompasses an angle of view of 84 degrees, which is relatively wide. This focal length can help to retain a sense of space when photographing expansive landscapes….Lenses for Landscape Photography.

Zoom Lenses Prime Lenses
Background blurring Limited by maximum aperture Usually excellent due to large maximum aperture