What is 3M finesse it used for?

What is 3M finesse it used for?

Our 3M™ Finesse-it™ products are a line of specially engineered abrasives, compounds, polishes, and buffing pads to be used on OEM and baked refinish paints to remove defects, sand scratches, or swirl marks on a variety of painted surfaces.

What grit is 3M finesse it?

3M Finesse-it Wetordry Scallop Abrasive Disc 401Q

Attribute Name Value
Grit 1500
Number per Inner 100 per Sleeve
Overall Diameter (Imperial) 1.375 in
Overall Diameter (Metric) 34.925 mm

How does 3M rubbing compound work?

Rubbing compound is used to remove imperfections, like scratches, from a metal finish. The compound is an abrasive that removes thin layers of paint or clear coat from a car finish or other surface. Wax does the opposite; it adds a tough, weatherproof layer on top of a metal finish.

How do you use finesse?

For best results, apply the product and move your hand with a little pressure in a clockwise direction to see the results. One should take a very small amount of product and apply it else it leaves swirl mark on the vehicle. The product gives better results on metal surfaces and if the scratches are on a clear coat.

Is 3m rubbing compound clear coat safe?

3M™ Auto Care Rubbing Compound quickly removes sand scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks and water spots. Our liquid compound leaves minimal swirl marks and is safe for clear coats, lacquer and enamel paint finishes.

How do you apply rubbing compound to a car?

Use rubbing compound over all of your car to polish every surface. Apply about 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) of compound to your cloth or polisher after you spread rubbing compound over the scratched areas. Start at the top of your car and apply the compound in 1–2 ft (0.30–0.61 m) sections.

Is wool good for polishing?

WOOL PAD – highly aggressive pads used for cutting or heavy compounding and removes extreme swirls or oxidation on very hard paint. Use for applying pure polish, wax, glazes, and sealant without marring the paint and produce a high gloss show car shine finish.

Can you wax fiberglass?

Over time, fiberglass/gelcoat finishes require regular cleaning and waxing because they become hazy, chalky, and uneven without it. The good thing about this type of finish is that you can use any form of RV, car, or marine wax on the bottom painted section of your RV.