What happened to the Ted Mulry Gang?

What happened to the Ted Mulry Gang?

The group disbanded in 1986, although periodically reformed. Mulry announced in February 2001 that he had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.

Is Ted Mulry still alive?

Deceased (1947–2001)
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Who was in the Ted Mulry Gang?

Ted Mulry
Les Hall
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How old is Ted Mulry?

53 years (1947–2001)
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Where is Ted Mulry buried?

Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Every memorial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park is special, however we have some memorials within our grounds that are very special. They include: Ted Mulry of the Ted Mulry Gang: When this legend of the Australian rock ‘n’ roll scene passed away in 2001, his funeral service was held at Forest Lawn.

Did Stevie Wright get married?

Wright is survived by his partner, Fay Walker, and a son, Nick, from his marriage to Gail Baxter, which ended in divorce.

What did Marc Hunter died of?

July 17, 1998
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Is the lead singer of Dragon dead?

He was the lead vocalist of Dragon (1973–11/1979, 8/1982–1989, 1995–11/1997), a band formed by his older brother, Todd Hunter, in Auckland in January 1972….

Marc Hunter
Origin Auckland, New Zealand
Died 17 July 1998 (aged 44) Berry, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Rock, pop
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, producer

Where is Stevie Wright now?

Wright retired and lived on the South Coast of New South Wales. He died on 27 December 2015 at Moruya Hospital of pneumonia. Wright’s funeral was held at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney on 8 January 2016.

Where are the Easybeats now?

Snowy Fleet, Tony Cahill and Dick Diamonde Original drummer Gordon “Snowy” Fleet became a successful builder in Perth, Western Australia, and now runs a rehearsal studio based in Jandakot, Western Australia.

Where is Marc Hunter buried?

Gerringong Cemetery
Marc Hunter was buried at Gerringong Cemetery, Gerringong, New South Wales.

Are dragons Australian?

Dragon is a New Zealand rock band which was formed in January 1972 and relocated later to Sydney in May 1975. The band was originally and briefly fronted by singer Graeme Collins, but rose to fame with singer Marc Hunter and is currently led by his brother, bass player and vocalist Todd Hunter.