What happened to Smithy The Bill?

What happened to Smithy The Bill?

He returned in 2003, as Smithy was promoted to Sergeant. The Bill was cancelled by ITV in March 2010 due to declining ratings. Of his final days on set, Walkinshaw stated “It was emotional shooting the final scenes, although there was a lot of good humour still going around.

What episode does Smithy get out of jail?

396: Connections –
396: Connections – Part 1.

Who played Smithy in The Bill?

Alex WalkinshawThe Bill
Dale Smith/Played by

Why did inspector gold leave the bill?

Another long-term character, Inspector Gina Gold, left the show after six years as part of the aftermath of the storyline, Gold retiring after becoming increasingly terrified at the thought of losing another officer.

How old is Alex Walkinshaw?

47 years (October 5, 1974)
Alex Walkinshaw/Age

When did Tony Stamp leave The Bill?

Contents. PC Tony Stamp was a long term character in The Bill between 1987 and 2009.

Why did June Ackland leave the bill?

There was a kind of sadness, a resignation about June Ackland. It came partly from the feeling that, however hard she worked, she was never going to solve the problems of mankind, or even of her tiny Sun Hill patch of it. Always very involved in her work, June took a long while to get over her father’s death.

Does Roger get shot in the bill?

After being discharged, he visits an off-licence, which is under-siege. Roger seizes on the opportunity to die and bars the robber’s exit, taunting him to shoot him….

Roger Valentine
Marital Status: Married

Who took over from Gina gold in The Bill?

Roberta Taylor was born in 1948 in London, England as Roberta Alexandra Mary Roberts. She is an …

What happens to Heaton in The Bill?

Heaton reveals that he is to leave Sun Hill to head a specialist unit dealing with human trafficking, and makes a generous offer to Meadows.