What does VSE mean?

What does VSE mean?


Acronym Definition
VSE Virtual Server Environment
VSE Virus Scan Enterprise
VSE Vertical Size Extension
VSE Virtual Storage Extended

What is VSE in finance?

2 VSE segment is typically defined as the segment between the micro and small enterprise segments. Over the last few years, some microfinance institutions1 (MFIs) in the Arab World have started to upscale and target the very small enterprises (VSE) segment2.

What does VSE mean in editing?

Editors Contribution VSE. VSE (vShied-Edge-Firewall) technology solution from vmWare.

What is VSE medical?

BACKGROUND. Prior data suggest that vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) bacteremia is associated with worse outcomes than vancomycin-sensitive Enterococcus (VSE) bacteremia.

What is VSE in business?

VSE Corporation is a leading provider of aftermarket distribution and repair services for land, sea and air transportation assets for government and commercial markets. VSE is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: VSEC), ISO 9001:2015-registered professional services company.

What is VSE infection?

Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) is a major nosocomial pathogen. We collected clinical and laboratory data on 93 hospitalized adults with VRE bacteremia and 101 adults with vancomycin- susceptible enterococcal (VSE) bacteremia.

What is a VSE report?

The VSE Survey Report collects detailed information from colleges, universities, and private elementary and secondary schools on private gifts and grants received from alumni, parents, other individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations.

Is VRE serious?

VRE, which was estimated to have caused 54,500 infections among hospitalized patients and led to the deaths of 5,400 people, is listed in the “serious” category.

Can VRE infection be cured?

VRE infections can be cured in most patients, and the outcome is often more dependent on the underlying disease than on the infecting organism. The duration of treatment depends on the site of infection. For example, heart-valve infections may require six weeks of antibiotic therapy.

What is VSE in college?

Since 1957, the Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey has collected data on fundraising at U.S. higher education institutions and a select group of private K-12 institutions..