What does M-84 mean?

What does M-84 mean?

M84 or M-84 may refer to: Messier 84, a lenticular galaxy in the Virgo Cluster. M-84, a Yugoslav main battle tank. M84 machine gun, a Yugoslav copy of the PK machine gun. M84 camouflage pattern, a camouflage pattern used by the Royal Danish Army.

How much does a M-84 cost?

Designed 1979-1983
Manufacturer Yugoimport SDPR.
Unit cost € 25,000,000 or $ 31,380,000
Produced 1983-present

When was the M-84 tank made?

Development. The M-84 is based on the Soviet T-72M (export variant of T-72A) but with many improvements, including introducing domestic fire-control system that T-72M lacked, improved composite armor, and a 1000-hp engine. The M-84 entered service with the Yugoslav People’s Army in 1984.

What is Ukraines MBT?

The T-84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank (MBT), a development of the Soviet T-80 main battle tank introduced in 1976. The T-84-120 Yatagan is a prototype model intended for export, mounting a 120 mm gun capable of firing standard NATO ammunition and guided missiles.

How fast is high hypersonic?

Classification of Mach regimes

Regime Velocity
Mach No mph
Hypersonic 5–10 3836–7673
High-Hypersonic 10–25 7673–19180
Re-entry speeds > 25 > 19030

How many machs can a jet go?

Most airliners currently travel around anywhere from Mach 0.6 – Mach 0.9. Military jets of course can travel in some cases at hypersonic speeds. When you do travel greater then Mach one you break the sound barrier and the air around the plane starts to form shock waves.

Did Yugoslavia have tanks?

Yugoslav tank brigades comprised two or three battalions each with 31 tanks in three ten tank companies. They operated 1114 Soviet T-54s and T-55s, 73 Soviet T-72s, 443 Yugoslav M-84s, and some United States-made M-47 tanks. The army’s tanks were in many respects its most obsolete forces.

How big is the Serbian army?

Current status. The Serbian Army is the largest component of the Serbian Armed Forces. There are approximately 17,850 active members and additional 50,000 in reserves.

What is Russia’s main battle tank?

Since it was first demonstrated during the May 2015 Victory Parade in Moscow, the T-14 “Armata” main battle tank (MBT) was seen as a major technological leap forward in Russian tank design. Instead of building upon past Soviet-era designs, the T-14 was a completely new Russian program that was built from the ground up.

How fast is hyper speed?

What are hypersonic weapons? Hypersonic weapons are capable of reaching at least Mach 5, or approximately 3,800 mph. While traditional long-range missiles (e.g., ballistic missiles) can reach similar speeds, hypersonic weapons can also fly at different altitudes and trajectories.