What does EV 1000 measure?

What does EV 1000 measure?

The EV1000 clinical platform and the ClearSight finger cuffs noninvasively measures blood pressure and associated hemodynamic parameters.

How do I set up Vigileo?

Connect the FloTrac connecting cable to the FloTrac cable connector at the back of the Vigileo monitor. Align the arrows at the top of the cable connector on the monitor to the arrow on the FloTrac connecting cable. 5. Connect the other end of the FloTrac cable to the green capped FloTrac sensor.

How does nicom work?

NICOM transmits the AC current to the thoracic cavity via four transmitting sensors and detects the phase shifts with an additional four receiving sensors. This signal is Phase based and is called the NICOM signal where each point is a specific phase shift in time.

What is Svv?

To simplify, SVV is the difference in maximal SV and minimal SV during respiration. The greater the difference, the more fluid responsive a patient is likely to be. Studies have shown that a SVV greater than 10% would indicate fluid response.

What is a cardiac output monitor?

Monitoring cardiac output is a common practice in anaesthesia and critical care. It is used as a marker of oxygen delivery to tissues and can identify patients at high risk of significant morbidity, mortality or both.

What is Vigileo?

The FloTracĀ®/Vigileo device uses arterial pressure waveform analysis to calculate stroke volume and cardiac output; it does not require calibration against an independent measurement of cardiac output.

What is FloTrac monitoring?

The minimally-invasive FloTrac system is a proven solution for advanced hemodynamic monitoring that automatically calculates key flow parameters every 20 seconds. Continuous clarity provided by the FloTrac system offers proactive decision support to manage hemodynamic instability and ensure adequate patient perfusion.