What does Aware Inc do?

What does Aware Inc do?

Aware is a global leading provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services to empower users to own and control their identity while minimizing friction, ensuring security, maximizing convenience and knowing your customer.

Who owns Aware Inc?


What is aware in Anaconda MT?

A.W.A.R.E. Inc. – Anaconda. Helps people with challenging mental health, emotional and physical disabilities live independent lives and works to ensure their maximum independence, productivity and integration into the community.

When did Aware Inc go public?

Aware went public in 1996 to commercialize its DSL products and intellectual property, at which time it also had an established business supplying biometrics software for law enforcement applications.

Is aware a public company?

Aware is a publicly held company (NASDAQ: AWRE), and is based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Is awared a word?

Awared has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

What is the verb form of Aware?

The past tense of be aware of is was aware of or were aware of. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of be aware of is is aware of or are aware of. The present participle of be aware of is being aware of.

How big is aware?

Aware Super is an Australian Industry Superannuation Fund. It is Australia’s second largest fund, with $130bn under management following the merger between First State Super, VicSuper and WA Super in 2020.

What does im aware mean?

It means ” I understand this ” like I’d someone says ” do you know that you’re boy/girl friend is cheating on you” you would say if you did “yes, I’m aware”. You could say it sassy or like sad. See a translation.

What is the sentence of Aware?

Aware sentence example. Evidently she was aware of her beauty and fearful because of it. She sifted through the pictures, aware of the intent attention the others paid her. He moved on before they were aware of his presence.