What did Tudors use for transport?

What did Tudors use for transport?

The ships used in Tudor times were called galleons. These were very large ocean going ships, four times as long as they were wide. They had a special deck for cannons.

What were rich Tudor jobs?

These are some of the jobs you might learn by becoming an apprentice:

  • Cordwainer. A cordwainer made shoes out of leather.
  • Weaver. A weaver made cloth by weaving yarn together on a loom.
  • Tailor. A tailor made clothes for people who could afford to buy them rather than make their own.
  • Smith.
  • Mason.
  • Barber.
  • Servants.
  • Merchants.

What jobs did poor Tudors have?

Most poor Tudors were farmers (Most poor Tudors were farmers (peasantspeasants). They had to grow their own food). They had to grow their own food to eat. They grew crops and kept cows and sheep and chickens.to eat.

What were Tudor jobs like?

Another job that ordinary Tudor people did was being a servant to wealthier people. There were many different types of servants. Women and girls could work as laundresses for a household or do domestic chores as a maid. Men and boys might be a personal servant to the master of the house.

How did the Tudors navigate their ships?

A Tudor ship would probably have four compasses on board, one for the man steering the ship (helmsman), one on the deck for the officers to use, one for the pilot, and one spare. A modern compass consists of a flat disc, divided into 360 degrees, over which a magnetised needle sits on a pin and always points North.

Did the Tudors have carriages?

Of course there were horses, boats, and your own two feet. But people also used four wheeled coaches more during this time.

What was the difference between rich and poor in Tudor times?

The Tudor rich and poor lived very different lives. Life in Tudor times was tough, and life expectancy was low regardless of class. Rich people had opulent lives, with grand houses, spectacular clothing and rich, protein-laden diets.

What were women’s jobs in Tudor times?

Some Tudor women worked spinning cloth. Women were also tailoresses, milliners, dyers, shoemakers and embroiderers. There were also washerwomen. Some women worked in food preparation such as brewers, bakers or confectioners.

What are the differences between rich and poor Tudors?

Wealthy Tudor men wore white, frilled silk shirts, a tight-fitting doublet on top and skintight striped trousers. These wealthy Tudors would have frequently modified their wardrobes to reflect changing fashions. Poor people would have worn loose-fitting garments made from woollen cloth. Clothes would have been simple.

What jobs did children have in Tudor times?

This clip contains Tudor reconstructions of chafing wheat in a barn and Tudor children at work, collecting grain, feeding sheep and working indoors. A typical job for children was separating wheat from chaff. Straw was also used as a base for a mattress.

What is Tudor money?

The pound was still the unit of currency, but instead of pounds and pence, the Tudors had pounds, sovereigns, crowns, half-crowns, shillings, sixpences, groats and pennies. Their values were: one sovereign = one pound.

What were Tudor ships made out of?

Tudor ships were able to travel across oceans and seas, and they were used for trading, fighting and exploration. Most ships had 3 or 4 masts with triangular or square sails and they were quite easy to steer. The ships were constructed from timber.