What day is National Cat Lady Day?

What day is National Cat Lady Day?

April 19
April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. The reputation of a cat lady has come a long way since medieval Europe when a woman’s love for cats was a cause for suspicion and even scorn.

Why is today National Black Cat Day?

National Black Cat Day – October 27, 2022. Black cats need a little positive PR as their reputation as an omen of bad luck is well-known (and unearned, frankly). In the lead-up to Halloween, National Black Cat Day provides the chance for feline fans to show off their love for the oft-maligned, but always iconic animal.

What day is today cat?

Our enigmatic furry felines are celebrated on International Cat Day 2021 on August 8.

Is it National Black Cat Day?

Oct. 27 marks National Black Cat Day.

What National day is October 29th 2021?

National Internet Day
National Internet Day is October 29 and looking back at AOL’s quaint “You’ve got mail” ads circa 1997, few could imagine what the internet would mean all these years later.

Is there a cat Appreciation Day?

Is there a National Cat Day? Close to National Black Cat Appreciation Day, National Cat Day is celebrated on August 8 every year.

Why is October a bad time for black cats?

But sadly, due to superstition and folklore, black cats are less likely to get adopted than other cats, as they’re supposedly “bad luck.” Likewise, most shelters won’t even adopt out their black cats during the spookiest month of the year for incredibly disturbing reasons — this is why October has become Black Cat …

Is October Black Cat Appreciation Month?

October is officially designated as Black Cat Awareness month. The month is meant to promote adoption of black cats who, sadly, have lower adoption rates than differently colored cats.

What month is Cat Month?

February 1
National Cat Health Month dates

Year Date Day
2021 February 1 Monday
2022 February 1 Tuesday
2023 February 1 Wednesday
2024 February 1 Thursday

What is global Cat Day?

Global Cat Day is October 16, when advocates around the world join Alley Cat Allies as we lead the charge to save cats from being harmed and killed.