What CC are Mopar 906 heads?

What CC are Mopar 906 heads?

86 cc’s
Though factory chamber volume is 79 cc’s, the CNC ported 906 chamber volume is increased to 86 cc’s. Hardened valve seats are available at the customer’s request, and the heads can be further milled to reduce chamber volume if needed.

What size valves are on 906 heads?

However, the 906 was cast with open combustion chambers (typical factory volume 88 cc). Also, the smaller 1.60-inch exhaust valve, which had been fitted in standard engines, was discontinued. The 1.74-inch exhaust valve now was used in all B/RB heads.

What are Max wedge heads?

Max wedge heads had larger ports and bigger valves than previous wedge heads. motors with these heads dominated drag racing and did well in other forms of motor sports until the re-introduction of the Hemi in 1964.

Are 915 heads good?

For a Mopar big-block, the ’67-only 915 head is the most desirable of all junkyard and swap-meet finds because of its good port design, larger valves, and closed combustion chambers. Earlier heads had the quench-friendly closed chambers, but small valves and ports, and later heads went to an open-chamber design.

How can you tell a 440 head?

440 has the engine I.D. codes stamped on a machined flat surface (about 3/4″ x 2″) located in front of the intke manifold towards the dirver’s side of the car on the block. The 383/400 has this pad located just in front of the driver’s side cylinder head where the head bolts to the block.

What CC are Mopar 915 heads?

The 915 was a performance-minded redesign of the big-block head, featuring revised ports while retaining the closed-chamber configuration (typical factory chamber volume of 78.5 cc) of the earlier 1964-66 big-block heads.

How much HP can Vortec heads make?

The original answer was related to modifying the heads to accept more valve lift. Our original answer combined the Chevrolet Hot cam with a set of these Vortec heads. Our estimate then and now is around 350-375 horsepower. Your question relates to porting the Vortec heads to improve the flow, which is a great idea.

Can you use 906 heads on a 65 block motor?

Any year 906 head will bolt up on a 65 big block motor. 2. 65 engines used closed chamber heads & I think you’d have a pretty large compression drop by adding 906 (open chamber) heads IF you are keeping the stock bottom end of the motor (I think 65 pistons set pretty far down in the cylinder).

Can you use 915 heads on a 906?

You might want to look for 915 closed-chamber heads (same big valves as 906’s & basically the same ports) OR machine out the stock 65 heads (or other closed chamber, non-915 head) to accept the lager exhaust valves from the 906/915 heads. 3.

When did the 906 heads come out for B / RB engines?

The 906 heads really woke up the B/RB engines as they had bigger valves than the 67 and earlier heads. The ‘915’ heads were essentially the early heads with the bigger valves, and used on the HP engines only in 1967. In 68, all the B/RB heads (906) got the bigger valves (and a larger combustion chamber).

Is the 906 intake valve the same as the 915?

906 Open Chamber Intake Port is a High short side floor, with 2.08″ Intake Valve the same Valve as the 1967 “915” Closed Chamber Head, which was the only H igh Intake Port floor Closed Chamber Head (same as the 906), the earlier Closed Chamber castings all being LOW Intake Floor ports.