What are the rules of examination?

What are the rules of examination?


  • Make sure that you are prepared for the exam.
  • You will not be allowed to leave the exam room during the exam.
  • You may be asked by the invigilator to place a barrier between you and the person sitting beside you.
  • An exam is a race against time, try to be quick, but careful.

What are the regulations to be followed by the students in taking examinations?

No student shall be allowed to sit in the examination, 10- minutes after start of examination. No student shall be allowed to leave examinations room, earlier than 20-minutes and 90 minutes after commencement of the Hourly and end-term examinations, respectively.

What are the rules and regulations of examination hall?

10 Important Do’s to Follow in Examination Hall

  • Carry All Necessary Materials.
  • Follow the Instructions Carefully:
  • Read the Question Paper Carefully:
  • Getting Answer Sheet Signed by Invigilator.
  • Make Strategy for Writing an Answer:
  • Manage Your Time:
  • Ignore Other Test Takers:
  • Listen to Any Verbal Instructions.

What is examination etiquette?

Put away all materials before the exam begins. No notes should be visible to anyone. No dictionaries or language translators – electronic or otherwise – may be used during the exam. Once the exam has been distributed to the class, you may not leave the classroom for any reason prior to turning in your exam.

How can we give students instructions in exams?

Instructions to Students

  1. Be in uniform(except pass out and PG students).
  2. Be Punctual.
  3. You may leave the hall after the first 30 minutes of the exam.
  4. Wear your identity card.
  5. Please switch off your mobile phones and keep it in your bags/hand it over to the invigilator as soon as you enter the examination hall.

What are the rules for online examination?

Do not leave the online exam browser page IDLE for more than 5 minutes to prevent the system from logging you out automatically. Keep moving the cursor (for laptop/desktop) or touch the screen (from mobile) frequently during the exam.

What are the school rules?

What are the most important school rules?

  • Be on time at the beginning of the day and after lunch or recess breaks.
  • Come prepared with supplies and completed homework.
  • Be kind, polite, and courteous to others.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Be respectful of classmates, teachers, and property.

Do and don’ts in examination hall?

Do not leave the examination hall before the half time has elapsed. Do not display or show answer sheets to anybody else. Do not forget to carry your University ID Card to exam room. Do not write anything on the question paper except your Roll No.

What is rules and regulations for kids?

Rules and laws are guidelines for how people should behave. They are based on ideas about what is right and wrong. Instructions are also called rules. For instance, there are rules of grammar (how a language works) and rules of a game (how a game is played).