What are refineries in Houston?

What are refineries in Houston?

Houston Refinery. The Valero Houston Refinery is located on the Houston Ship Channel. It processes sweet crude and intermediate oils into gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. The refinery successfully commissioned a new alkylation unit in 2019.

Who owns Houston Refining LP?

Houston Refining/Parent organizations
The refinery was part of a joint venture with CITGO Petroleum from 1993 –2006. The company reacquired full ownership of the plant in 2006 and the refinery, operating as Houston Refining LP, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of LyondellBasell.

What city in Texas has an oil refinery?

Galveston Bay refinery
Our Galveston Bay refinery is in Texas City, Texas, on Galveston Bay, off the entrance to the Houston Ship Channel. In 2018, Galveston Bay merged with MPC’s former Texas City refinery into a single world class refining complex with a crude oil refining capacity of 593,000 barrels per calendar day (bpcd).

Who owns lyondellbasell?

Basell Polyolefins
LyondellBasell was formed in December 2007 by the acquisition of Lyondell Chemical Company by Basell Polyolefins for $12.7 billion….LyondellBasell.

Type Naamloze vennootschap (public limited company)
Total equity US$ 26.206 billion (2017)
Number of employees 19,100
Website www.lyondellbasell.com

Does Houston have oil?

Houston is home to nine refineries that process 2.3 million barrels of crude oil every day (which makes it one of the biggest crude oil producers in the world). The Energy Corridor, which stretches for 7 miles along Interstate 10, encompasses many businesses engaged in energy operations.

Is there oil in Houston?

Houston is the state’s largest city and a key center for oil and gas companies. Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Midland are among the other major hubs for the industry.