Student Life: Use these Apps to be Organized

Student Life: Use these Apps to be Organized

Tech has changed the way we study. There’s no longer a need to carry bulky hundred dollar textbooks to class. Most professors will ask you to send your essays via email rather than printing them and wasting precious paper.

Times are changing, and more and more student apps hit the market. They help us stay organized, save our wallets, expand and use our knowledge. In this article, we go over the most popular apps which college students use daily to stay organized and focused.


Evernote is widely considered the best app for note keeping. It contains a plethora of features, including a simple UI to help organize your ideas and homework. Additionally, there’s a voice to text feature which comes extremely handy during lectures. As far as we know, this is the most popular app of choice for busy students.

Google Drive

To avoid carrying USBs around, store all of your information on Google Drive. You get access to necessary software like Word (Docs) or Excel (Tables) except you can share it easily with professors who can add comments to your work. This also helps avoid printing essays and maintaining a large stack of papers. With Drive, that seems like a real “Stone Age” thing to do.


Students use EssayPro to get academic essays out the way. Asking Google stuff like write my essay online will lead you to lots of shady services. But EssayPro is legit – because they allow you to chat with your writer, suggest ideas, and pay after you’ve read the draft of your work. All this to maintain top quality and remain a reliable lifesaver for students. EssayPro is especially handy for students with a language barrier, or those needing to clear away essays during exam week.


A common problem amongst students is spending money. Mint helps a ton. Here you can write down all your spendings and organize your wallet much better. The interface is handy, as well as the statistics they provide which give you insight into how you spend. Mint is the best way to check your wallet and avoid unnecessary spendings.

Pomodoro Apps

The Pomodoro technique is a famous technique used for productivity. The theory goes that the brain can maintain concentration for only twenty-five minutes at a time. Thus, this technique suggests to do twenty-five minutes of work and take five-minute breaks. It allows for better focus and higher quality work. There are various Pomodoro technique apps online – find the one you like and try this technique. It really works.


Especially handy for travel abroad students, Duolingo simplifies your language learning through fun games and texts. Use it to quickly memorize words, verbs, conjunctions and lots more in plenty of different languages. Playing around in Duolingo on your way to class or during free time will help sharpen your memory and language skills.

iTunes, Coursera, Udemy

There’s no better feeling than being ahead of the class. With these online universities, you can take free courses and learn everything there is to know. Just register to Coursera for example, consider a week-long course in economics, and every class will just be a review. They hire outstanding professors and sometimes teach you even more than you’ll learn in class.

YouTube Educational Channels

As a quick alternative, there are many educational channels on YouTube. CrashCourse, The School of Life have lots of ten-minute videos where they simplify complicated concepts. Use it as a quick review or if you need to get in-depth on the subject. With online universities and so many educational YouTube channels, you’ll get the same knowledge as in any university – and faster.