Is Ilfosol 3 a good developer?

Is Ilfosol 3 a good developer?

There isn’t much to say, Ilfosol 3 is an excellent developer if you’re just starting because it doesn’t add or subtract anything from the films you’re developing in the stuff. I prefer to develop films that are slow to mid-speed (25-200) for the best results out of the film.

How to dilute ILfosol 3?

ILFOSOL 3 is supplied as a liquid concentrate normally diluted 1+9 for one-shot use. Dilute it immediately before use and discard directly after development. For greater economy it can be used with many films at a higher dilution of 1+14 with only a small trade off in image quality.

Is ILfosol 3 reusable?

Typically Ilfosol 3 is used one-shot to get the highest image quality. For greater economy, it can be reused but image quality may be reduced. Pushing film is not recommended when using reused developers.

How long does Ilfosol 3 last opened?

What’s the shelf life of ILFOSOL 3 film developer? Unopened, ILFOSOL 3 will last about 18 months. Once open, it should be used within three months. Remember to mix ILFOSOL 3 for immediate use ONLY.

What is the best Ilford film developer?

ILFOTEC DD-X This developer gives a best overall performance for all our film products.

How long does ILFORD RAPID FIXER last?

Full, unopened bottles of ILFORD RAPID FIXER concentrate stored in cool conditions, 5–20ºC (41–68ºF), will keep for two years. Once opened use completely within six months and keep all bottles tightly sealed until used.

How long does Ilford stop bath last?

Ilford says 6 months once it’s diluted. I think longer than that. The concentrate lasts a long time, more than year at least.

How long does ILFORD RAPID FIXER take?

Next pour in the ILFORD RAPID FIXER solution. Start the clock as you finish pouring, then agitate, as you did during development, until fixation is complete. This will take 3 minutes. Once again, the time is not critical provided it is over 3 minutes.

Do film developing chemicals expire?

Developers, fixers, and virtually all chemical products commonly used in film photography (or not) are prone to expiry over time. Nevertheless it is not uncommon to use expired chemicals in the hope that they might still work, as well as just for testing purposes.

Can you reuse film developer chemicals?

Developer is cheap; use it once, maybe twice, then drop it in a slop bucket. Maybe you can boost the pH and use it for paper developer if you are really hot about reusing. Overall, it’s a good way to lose a day’s worth of shots in a few minutes. Use fresh when you can.

How long is film developer Good For?

Powder film developers They have an additional advantage over liquid in that when the stock solution is initially made it can be kept for up to 6 months. It therefore works as a ‘ready to use solution’, or as a solution that can be further diluted for economy.

How do you mix Ilford developer?

MULTIGRADE developer is supplied as a liquid concentrate and is economical to use. The recommended dilution is 1 part developer mixed with 9 parts water. Mix only as much developer as is needed for that particular printing session.