Is BMW 520d E60 reliable?

Is BMW 520d E60 reliable?

Fortunately, it’s also one of the most reliable. Data from CAP Derwent, a scheme which pools repair information from some of the UK’s biggest vehicle leasing firms, shows that the 520d can typically cover more than 100,000 miles before there are any problems with the engine, diesel particulate filter or gearbox.

Are E60 BMW reliable?

The E60 is known for its reliability over the E39, but when it does break, it can get costly. But BMW is my vice. I simply love the cars too much to give a hoot about maintenance costs.

Is it worth buying a used BMW 5 Series?

Should I Buy a Used BMW? Buying a pre-owned BMW is a great option for many consumers. There are benefits to purchasing used, namely your investment isn’t depreciating more than 20% by just driving it off the lot. And there are lots of deals to be had, especially if you’re looking at an older Bimmer.

Which is the most reliable E60?

Registered. To answer your thread title, the 528 is by far the most reliable. However there is no 528 in 2004 or 2005 so your choices are 525 and 530.

Are BMW N47 engines good?

Models from this era suffer from a specific problem, the N47 engine has a weakness; basically the power plant is prone to excessive timing chain wear. Throughout 2013 and 2014 BMW owners have reported numerous cases of engine failures, many of which led to terminal decline.

What kind of crash rating does BMW E60 520i have?

In Euro NCAP crash testing, a 2004 BMW E60 520i sedan received a four star adult occupant protection rating with a score of 28.88 out of 37. Protection from serious chest and leg injury was marginal for the driver in the offset crash test and there was a slight risk of serious chest and abdomen injury in the side impact test.

What kind of problem does a BMW 520d have?

“My 2009 BMW 520d exploded with a sudden loss of power after a brief period of a strange tiny whining noise when pressing the accelerator pedal (driving at 65-75mph). Subsequent repatriation to a franchised BMW dealership has resulted in the diagnosis of a blown turbo, air cooler for the turbo and diesel particulate filter.

What are the standard features of a BMW E60?

Standard features for the BMW E60 LCI 5-Series sedan was extended to include an upgraded stereo with MP3-compatibility and USB input and cruise control with downhill braking.

When did the BMW E60 550i come out?

In July 2005, the E60 525i and 530i were fitted with more powerful engines which featured Valvetronic cam control, an electric water pump and magnesium-aluminium crankcase. The range was revised in November 2005 as the 545i was discontinued and the 530d, 540i and 550i were introduced.