How old is Lisa Hochstein?

How old is Lisa Hochstein?

39 years (July 24, 1982)
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Is Adriana still married to Frederic?

Adriana clarified that Alex got cold feet and pressured her to call off the 2008 wedding ceremony, but Adriana and Frederic remained legally married.

How did Lisa Hochstein get pregnant?

Lisa welcomed both children into her life via surrogacy and says that her life felt “empty, almost” before starting her family with husband Lenny Hochstein.

Did Real Housewives of Miami get Cancelled?

By September 2016, Bravo stated that The Real Housewives of Miami had “ended”, making the franchise the second to end after The Real Housewives of D.C. was cancelled in 2010 after one season.

Is Lea Black still married?

Lea is married to a successful lawyer named Roy Black, and the way that they met was memorable. Lea met her husband when she was doing jury duty during the rape trial of William Kennedy Smith, as Roy was William’s lawyer. Lea and Roy have been married since 1994, and they share a son, R.J.

What is wrong with Marisol’s mother’s face?

While she has never responded to surgery speculation, those in the medical profession believe the star’s puffy face and lack of wrinkles are the result of regular Botox filler injections.

Why did Lisa Hochstein use surrogate?

After five years of failed attempts at getting pregnant, which included multiple miscarriages and failed IVF attempts, Lisa and her husband turned to surrogacy to expand their family. Lisa has claimed that the child is completely theirs biologically, and that they only used a surrogate to carry him.

Are Lenny and Lisa from RHOM still together?

Lisa and Lenny’s life has since slowed down, and they decided to make Miami their home base. After RHOM was canceled in 2013, the couple worked hard to have the family they always dreamed of. In 2015, Lisa and Lenny welcomed their first child together via surrogate – a son named Logan.