How old is Lindsey in Are we done yet?

How old is Lindsey in Are we done yet?

Lindsey Kingston-Persons

Lindsey Kingston
Gender Female
Age 14 / 15
Nationality American

Are We There Yet TV series Lindsay?

Teala Dunn replaces Aleisha Allen as Lindsey Kingston-Persons, Suzanne’s daughter, Nick’s stepdaughter, and Kevin’s older sister. At 15, Lindsey is a typical teen girl, who loves spending time with her friends and is attached to her cellphone.

Are We There Yet Lindsey and Kevin?

Plot. Two rebellious children, Lindsey and Kevin Kingston (Aleisha Allen and Philip Daniel Bolden), sabotage the relationships of their divorced mother, determined to keep her single until their parents reconcile. On his way to talk to her, he is disgusted to find she has two kids, who turn out to be Lindsey and Kevin.

Who played the little girl in Are We There Yet?

Aleisha LaNaé Allen (born April 28, 1991 in Bronx, New York) is an American child actress….

Aleisha Allen
Role Lindsey Kingston (in the movies)

Does Are we done yet have bad words?

ARE WE DONE YET? contains mild sexual stuff, some drinking and good family/DIY messages. Parents should know about the scene of birth.

Are We There Done cast?

Cast & Crew

  • Ice Cube. Nick.
  • Nia Long. Suzanne.
  • John C. McGinley. Chuck Mitchell Jr.
  • Aleisha Allen. Lindsey.
  • Philip Bolden. Kevin.
  • Dan Joffre. Billy Pulu.
  • Tahj Mowry. Danny Pulu.
  • Pedro Miguel Arce. Georgie Pulu.

Why are we there yet ending?

“Are We There Yet?”, directed by Brian Levant, stars Ice Cube, Nia Long, and Aleisha Allen. This movie, along with other movies that Ice Cube starred in, will be leaving Netflix at the end of February to free up space for new content. Since debuting on Netflix on Jan.

Are we there yet siblings?

Here’s How They’re Doing 15 Years Later. Former child stars Philip Bolden and Aleisha Allen gained recognition for their adventurous roles in 2005’s “Are We There Yet?” These days the duo is grown and exploring their Hollywood careers further.

Is the little boy in Are We There Yet Ice Cube’s son?

Philip Daniel Bolden (born March 19, 1995) is an American actor. In 2005, Bolden played Kevin in the film Are We There Yet?, with Ice Cube and Nia Long, and again in 2007, in its sequel film Are We Done Yet as well as Kirby on The King of Queens (1999–2000).

How old is Lindsey from Are We There Yet 2005?

Seizing the opportunity, Nick gallantly offers to make her New Year’s wish come true – and his own in the process – by driving eight-year-old Kevin and eleven-year-old Lindsey up from Portland, Oregon to be reunited with their mom.

Is are we done yet for kids?

Are We Done Yet? is a slapstick family comedy with mediocre humour but will appeal to preteens and teenagers. The movie is based on the value of family and friends and shows that a house is not necessarily a home but has to be made into one.