How much is a Bell b206 JetRanger?

How much is a Bell b206 JetRanger?

Hull coverage for post-1990 Bell 206s start around $400,000USD. Insurance costs will often sit above $10,000 per year. However, given the impressive safety rating of the Bell 206, insurances are far more affordable than many helicopters of similar nature.

What is the Bell 206 used for?

Canadian military designation for the Bell 206B-3. Swedish Army designation for the Agusta-Bell 206A. 21 units manufactured in Italy, used as training, liaison, light transport, scout and anti-tank helicopters armed with ATGMs.

Is Bell 206 a turbine helicopter?

BELL 206 B3: The Bell JetRanger is a single pilot, single turbine engine, light helicopter that seats the pilot plus three passengers comfortably. The helicopter’s normal cruising speed is approximately 120 MPH. The helicopter may be flown up to two hours and forty minutes before refueling.

What is the range of a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter?

324 nm
The 206L-4 LongRanger and JetRanger are flexible helicopters, able to tackle a wide variety of potential mission types. The 206 LongRanger and JetRanger features wide opening doors and a roomy cabin, accommodating six passengers at a range of up to 324 nm, with a cruising speed of 127 mph.

Is Bell 206 A Jet Ranger?

Bell 206-A Jet Ranger Private Charter Flights and Prices The Bell 206A JetRanger is a single-engine light utility helicopter produced by Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. of the USA. The Model 206A is the initial production version, powered by a single Allison 250-C18A turboshaft engine with 236 kW (317 SHP).

What is the range of a Bell 206?

The Bell 206L LongRanger carries up to seven people and has a range up to 665km and cruise speed of 205km/h. The maximum endurance is 4.1 hours. The 206 series helicopters received the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Training Approval in March 2011.

What is the price of Bell 206 helicopter?

Bell 206L4 Specs

Price New $2.5M
Year Started 1993
Year Ended In Production