How much does a Greek mythology teacher make?

How much does a Greek mythology teacher make?

Greek mythology teachers earn salaries averaging more than $50,000 annually.

What degree do you need to be a mythologist?

At the doctoral level, the most common degree type related to mythology and folklore is that of a doctor of philosophy (Ph. D.) in mythology or folklore. Additionally, students within other disciplines such as sociology, religion, literature, and psychology may focus on aspects of mythology and folklore.

What jobs can you get with a Greek mythology degree?

Mythology is prevalent across most cultures, and several careers involve the subject….Career Options that Involve Mythology.

Job Title Median Salary (2020)* Job Growth (2019-2029)*
Historians $63,100 3%
Anthropologists and Archeologists $66,130 5%
Museum Technicians and Conservators $45,710 12%
Fine Artists $52,340 1%

Where can you get a degree in Greek mythology?

Schools That Offer a Greek Mythology Degree

  • University of Texas San Antonio. The University of Texas at San Antonio offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies and Humanities.
  • University of Liverpool.
  • University College Dublin.
  • Seton Hall University.

Can I be a mythology teacher?

Mythology courses are a popular high-school English elective. So in order to become a mythology teacher on the high-school level, you should pursue a degree in education (probably with an English emphasis) and then apply at a school that has mythology as one of their elective offerings.

Can you have a career in mythology?

Think about all the skills that the mythology and folklore major teaches you. It doesn’t look good, but the mythology and folklore major can be the springboard to a successful career. Really, it can.

Can you minor in Greek mythology?

The Department of Classical Studies offers five minors in the subject areas of classical civilization, myth studies, Ancient Greek, Latin, and Modern Greek. The minor in Modern Greek introduces students to modern Greek language, literature, and culture. …

Can I teach mythology?

Mythology courses are also popular on the college level. At some universities these are taught by English faculty, but many are taught as part of the World Languages department. in their subject areas, but many courses can be taught with just a Master’s degree.

What should I study if I like mythology?

Anthropology. Those who study mythology and folklore could very well excel in anthropology: just ask Indiana Jones and his father Sean Connery (who was obsessed with the Holy Grail).

Do universities teach Greek mythology?

Most colleges offer a course in Greek and Roman mythology. In these courses, students study the common myths of Greeks and Romans and is an introduction to the study of mythology.

How do I start studying Greek mythology?

Take a class at a local college. If you are not already in a class studying mythology, you can try taking one at the nearest university or community college. Greek mythology is a popular course, and many colleges offer it in both the spring and fall semesters, as well as over the summer.

Why is Greek mythology still taught?

WHY TEACH MYTHOLOGY? Greek mythology references are both culturally and literally relevant today. The study of Greek mythology helps young children understand the modern retellings of these ancient stories, while providing students with the unique opportunity to come in contact with a variety of world cultures.

What kind of degree do you need to teach Greek mythology?

Many schools prefer hiring those with master’s degrees. College Greek mythology teachers usually have Ph.D. degrees in English or literature, although some colleges and universities hire adjunct professors with master’s degrees.

Is there a job for a Greek mythology teacher?

BLS indicates jobs for high school teachers will grow at a below-average pace of 7 percent during the same decade. Population increases and enrollment may increase jobs for Greek mythology teachers at all levels, but enrollment in high schools is expected to be slower than in other grades.

Can a teacher teach mythology as a unit?

Some teachers use mythology as a stand-alone unit; other teachers—such as myself—have entire, year-long courses dedicated to the study of myths and legends from around the world. Other teachers incorporate myths into units over required texts such as Antigone, Julius Caesar, Beowulf, Oedipus Rex, and the Odyssey.

What kind of books are used to teach Greek mythology?

Greek mythology teachers introduce students to characters such as Hercules, Achilles, Helen of Troy, Zeus and other Greek gods and mythological monsters — often requiring them to read books such as “The Odyssey” and “The Iliad.”.