How much does a 45 foot chassis weight?

How much does a 45 foot chassis weight?

Overall lengths are: 40 foot 6 inches and 45 foot 6 inches respectively. Sliding movement via telescopic action of main frame behind landing gear and locking pins ensure positive engagement….

40-45 Foot Extendible Specifications:
Tare Weight: 6,800 lbs

How much is a container chassis?

If you want to buy a container chassis, costs start from USD 5,000 and can go up to USD 30,000 – varying according to your specifications.

How much does a 40 container chassis weight?

40 Foot Straight Frame Container Chassis

40 Foot Straight Frame Chassis Specifications:
Tare Weight: 6,600 lbs
Main Rails: Two hot rolled structural steel, ASTM-A572 Grade 50 “I” beams. Wide flange 12” in depth 19 lbs/ft.
Landing Gear: Two-speed mechanism and square leg tubing with 10” x 10” low profile sand shoes

What is a container trailer called?

Container chassis, also called intermodal chassis or skeletal trailer, is a specialized semi-trailer, basically a wheeled metal frame, that a shipping container can be mounted onto for road transport.

Can you put a 20 container on a 40 chassis?

Standard chassis can haul standard containers of 20ft to 40ft with two axles. You will need a tri-axle chassis if you intend to transport 20ft containers weighing more than 36,000 pounds or 40ft containers weighing more than 44,000 pounds.

What does a container chassis weight?

Standard 20′ Container Chassis

Tare Weight Approximately 6,600 lbs
GVWR 54,000 LBS
Conspicuity Meets DOT requirements
Main Beams Fabricated I-beam 12 in deep, 19 lb/ft, hot rolled steel, ASTM A572-50

Who owns the container chassis?

In the U.S., most container chassis are owned by three leasing companies — Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI), Flexi-Van Leasing and TRAC Intermodal — or by the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC), which was formed by a group of 12 motor carriers.

Whats the height of a container chassis?


Electrical System 12 volt, 7-way split pin receptacle plug; modular wiring harness
Overall Length 23′ 5 in
Overall Width 96 in
Maximum Rear Height 50 1/2 in

Why is there a chassis shortage?

The backlog of shipping containers delayed at terminals, inland yards, and rail ramps across the United States has grown immensely over the past six months and deteriorating chassis availability in almost every major city in America has been a primary issue preventing the delivery of importing or exporting goods.

What is the cost of a container ship?

In March 2010, the average price for a geared 500-TEU container ship was $10 million, while gearless ships of 6,500 and 12,000 TEU averaged prices of $74 million and $105 million respectively.