How many Jersey Mike locations are there?

How many Jersey Mike locations are there?

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s restaurant in Valdosta, Georgia
Founded 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Founder Peter Cancro
Headquarters Manasquan, New Jersey, U.S.
Number of locations 1,910 (2020)

Why is Jersey Mike’s closed?

Dirty Dining: Jersey Mike’s Subs temporarily shut down for raw sewage leaking into the kitchen. Jersey Mike’s Subs had to temporarily close last week after sewage was backing up through the floor drains, overflowing and contaminating the kitchen area.

Is Jersey Mike’s better than Subway?

Jersey Mike’s healthiest sub is still unhealthier than Subway. Again, it turns out that you’re better off going with Subway. The healthiest sandwiches on the menus at both chains include chicken, but Subway’s oven-roasted chicken sandwich wins out. The sandwich only has 270 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

Where are most Jersey Mike’s located?

The state with the most number of Jersey Mike’s locations in the US is California, with 304 locations, which is 15% of all Jersey Mike’s locations in America.

Is Jersey Mike’s expensive?

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a fast food sub sandwich restaurant chain that specializes in hot and cold subs. Jersey Mike’s Subs prices are slightly more expensive than those of other sub sandwich restaurant chains.

What happened to Jersey Mikes Australia?

The chain was hard hit by coronavirus-related restrictions on in-store dining imposed on businesses in March and had to temporarily close its stores. Those closures appear to have become permanent and Jersey Mike’s Australia’s Facebook page lists its operation as “permanently closed”.

What’s better Jimmy Johns or Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s is definitely a better place to get a sandwich, but if you are on the run it is more convenient to get Jimmy John’s. And although Jersey Mike’s is more fresh, and tastes better, it is still a sandwich, and it may not be worth it to go out of you way to get one.

Is Jimmy Johns or Jersey Mikes better?