How does a drop leaf table work?

How does a drop leaf table work?

An undercover workhorse, the drop leaf table features two hinged leaves at either end. Pop the leaves up and it functions as a perfect dining table, or let them hang free and turn it into a console or bedside table, neatly tucked against the wall.

How old is my drop leaf table?

Straight Saw Marks – Like most antique furniture, you can date a piece by its saw marks. Leading up to the early 1800s, saw marks were straight. Anything after was cut with a circular saw. If a drop leaf table has a circular saw cut, it’s not that old, but might still be worth the restoration effort.

Can you buy leaves for tables?

Another option is to purchase premade table leaves or blanks from a furniture restorer. Some restorers can match the new table leaves’ wood and finish to your existing table and may even be able to age the finish to match the table’s current appearance.

What is a butterfly leaf dining table?

What is a butterfly leaf? A butterfly leaf is named because when it is being “opened’ into place, it appears to have wings like a butterfly. A center seam allows the leaf to fold and stack to slide under the table top for storage. Now you have two extra spaces at your Amish dinner table.

What is self storing leaf?

How Do Self-Storing Leaves Work? The magic of self-storying leaves is really anything but magic. These tables are designed with a secret storage space underneath the center of the table. You simply unlock the mechanism holding the two ends of the table together and then pull the ends apart.

How does drop leaf table work?

A drop-leaf table is a table that has a fixed section in the center and a hinged section (leaf) on either side that can be folded down (dropped). If the leaf is supported by a bracket when folded up, the table is simply a drop-leaf table; if the leaf is supported by legs that swing out from the center, it is known as a gateleg table.

How big is a dinning room table?

Formal dining room tables range between 40 and 44 inches in width, and casual rectangular dining tables range between 30 and 38 inches wide. Round tables should not exceed 70 inches in diameter if you want to maintain a sense of intimacy at dinner time.

What is a drop leaf?

Definition of drop leaf. : a hinged leaf on the side or end of a table that can be folded down.