How do you transport a patient with Ebola?

How do you transport a patient with Ebola?

Patients with EVD should be transported on a dedicated AMT mission. Other patients who do not have EVD should not be onboard. Only people directly involved in patient care or operating the aircraft should be onboard.

Is Ebola in Thailand?

He said there is currently no case of Ebola infection in Thailand, but the country has nevertheless prepared for possible cases at all levels by practicing continuous infection control measures at land border crossings, international airports, and seaports.

How do I get from Bangkok airport to the city?

Cheaper and faster is the train. The Airport Rail Link City Line leaves every 15 minutes, takes 25 minutes for the whole distance because it makes 6 stops in between, and costs 45 baht per person. Then take a taxi from your stop to your final destination.

What factors must be considered when deciding how a patient will be transported?

Safety, of you, your partner, your patient and the public, should be top of mind when deciding how best to transport your patient. As any seasoned emergency vehicle operator can tell you, civilian drivers tend to make interesting decisions when they suddenly see flashing lights behind them.

How much is taxi from Bangkok airport to city?

The average taxi fare from Bangkok International Airport (BBK) to the city centre is calculated using a taximeter and should be around €6.80 (240 THB). There is an airport surcharge of €1.40 (50 THB). The total trip takes under 25 minutes, in normal traffic conditions.

How much is the airport train in Bangkok?

Bangkok Airport Rail Link Fares Standard fare for the City Line is between 15–45 baht depending on distance. (BTS – skytrain interchange) fare is 45 baht. (MRT – subway interchange) fare is 35 baht.

How do you decide if a patient requires rapid transport?

In either case, the following questions can help you decide if your patient needs emergent transport.

  1. Is your patient going to die?
  2. Was your patient stable? How about now?
  3. Where are you going?
  4. Is your decision safe?
  5. What is the potential benefit?
  6. Case study.

What is emergent transport?

Emergency transport typically is used to get a patient to a hospital quickly. Those who get medical transport are not usually in a hurry. They may even be on vacation. But they have medical personnel with them to ensure their medical needs are taken care of during the trip.

Is there a train from Bangkok airport to the city?

The Airport Rail Link is the cheapest and fastest way out of the airport and into downtown Bangkok. When you arrive, follow the signs for the train station, which is located on the basement floor. Trains run approximately every 15 minutes from 5:30 a.m. to midnight, daily.