How do you chair a general meeting?

How do you chair a general meeting?

To begin with the current President will chair the meeting but will hand over to a Returning Officer when the time comes to elect a new Executive Committee. Once the new Committee has been voted in the new President can take the Chair. Motions must be moved and then seconded by two different members.

What do you say when meeting a chair?


  1. Start the meeting. Welcome any new members.
  2. Receive apologies for absence.
  3. Check for Conflicts of Interest on the items on the agenda.
  4. Ensure that additions or amendments to minutes are recorded.
  5. Set the scene. State the objectives of the meeting and each item.
  6. Try to be brief when making a point.

How do directors call a general meeting?

Section 303 of the Companies Act 2006 requires the directors to call a general meeting once the company has received requests from members representing 5% of the paid up share capital those entitled to vote at general meetings of the company.

Who should chair an annual general meeting?

the president
5. Figure out who will do what. The board should appoint people to the different roles needed at the meeting. Typically, the president will chair the AGM and the board secretary will be the secretary for the meeting (or a staff member can fill this role).

How do you chair difficult meetings?

During the meeting

  1. Stick to the agenda and follow it in order.
  2. Hold the agenda in your hand.
  3. Allow one speaker at a time.
  4. Ensure everyone is heard.
  5. Give each person the spotlight, even if it is only briefly.
  6. Focus on solutions to problems.
  7. Thwart attempts to hijack or derail the meeting.
  8. Ask tough questions.

What are the types of general meeting?

There are two types of general meetings: Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings. There is no requirement for a private company to hold an AGM, though some companies’ articles, drafted when there was a statutory requirement to hold an AGM, will still provide for one to be held.

Can non members attend AGM?

Any member can attend your AGM.