How do you Autosmart on tango?

How do you Autosmart on tango?

Autosmart’s Tango can be used on alloy wheels once they have been cleaned to make them look more glossy. Simply spray on and wipe off. Tango – Cleans and polishes in one action! Spray neat Tango liberally onto the paintwork and carefully wipe off in one direction, using an Autosmart extra thick microfibre cloth.

Can you use G101 on glass?

A: G101 can be used on most paint work, glass, rubber, laminate, vinyls, concrete and fabrics.

How do you use Autosmart wax detail spray?

shake well before use. Use neat. Spray on a fine mist and wipe over the surface. Polish off immediately using a soft dry cloth.

Is Autosmart duet PH neutral?

Autosmart DUET Premium Wash & Wax Shampoo 5Litre is a a neutral, superior wash and wax product which has an excellent deep cleaning action for removing dirt and traffic film. Enriched with Carnauba wax for a high gloss finish. …

How do I use Autosmart duet?

Add approximately 50ml of Duet to 5 litres of water. Apply using sponge or soft bristled brush. Rub well over stubborn marks. Rinse with water and dry with an AutoSmart chamois.

What is Autosmart Tardis?

Autosmart Tardis is a trade strength solvent based cleaner designed for the rapid removal of organic and resinous soiling. Use to decontaminate surfaces prior to washing or as a spot cleaner to remove stubborn soils. Highly effective on tar, adhesive residues, tree sap, wax, oil and grease.

What does G101 smell like?

Quite a choking and arguably unpleasant odour, smells like an industrial cleaning product but not necessarily in a good way.

How do you use G101?

How to use AutoSmart G101 Express:

  1. Apply by spray, mop, sponge or brush.
  2. Allow to dwell.
  3. Agitate if necessary & rinse with water.
  4. CAUTION: Do not allow to dry on the surface, test before use on fabrics.

How long does Autosmart Cobalt last?

Simply spray on, wipe off. Lasted for 4 weeks on my car.

How do I use AutoSmart duet?

What is Autosmart Cobalt?

Autosmart Cobalt is a highly versatile spray polish formulated using next generation Ionic Nano technology, to polish, seal and protect good quality paintwork. Fast and easy results on wet and dry vehicles. Gives an instant deep shine to paintwork and vehicle exteriors. Highly durable, seals and protects paintwork.